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  • toddish10
    Aug 27, 2013
      Hey everyone. We all know that the first two R's represent reduce and Re-Use, or re-purpose. It takes energy to recycle glass and aluminum. My wife and I are building an Earthship in Northeast Oklahoma, outside the small community of Kansas, near the Arkansas border. If you are unfamiliar with Earthship construction these are homes built from recycled reclaimed, repurposed materials, mainly tires, 12oz aluminum cans and glass bottles. Here is a link if you would like to learn more: www.earthship.com

      We could use your help in collecting materials, such as uncrushed 12oz cans, and any colored or odd shaped glass bottle that not including the neck is over 4 inches long, also we need 100's of tires sizes R15 R16 205-235 60-70. We can pick up these things from you or they can be dropped off at our Tulsa residence anytime 127 E 47th St.

      Also this fall we will start hosting work parties out at our building site, as an earthship requires a ton of "unskilled" labor. And anyone interested in this building style can come and help out while learning "how to" for building their own.

      I have worked along side with the Earthship Biotecture crew,I have read and reread all the Earthship manuals, have a copy of blueprints for the design we wish to build, and spent alot of time at the Earthship Headquarters in Taos, NM. I am not the biggest expert on Earthships, but I am very knowledgable and am learning more everyday.

      If your interested in this join our Facebook group dedicated to our build at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/earthshipNEOK/, we post all info about work partys and our building process here.

      Thanks and hope everyone is doing well!

      Todd Gunter