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'Religion and Science' - Are They Compatible?

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  • Saleh Ahmed
    Dialogue With Islam Forum in association with the South Place Ethical Society presents Religion and Science - Are They Compatible? In the West, Science and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2005
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      Dialogue With Islam Forum in association with the 'South Place Ethical Society' presents
      'Religion and Science' - Are They Compatible?
      In the West, Science and Religion have historically had an uneasy relationship. One needs to look no further than Galileo's confrontation with the church over his advocacy of the sun being the centre of the universe. This ran contrary to the accepted church dogma, and provides evidence of this historical antagonism.
      Religion has been around since the earliest record of man's existence. There are thousands of religions in the world as well as varying degrees of faith. Many religious convictions are based on spiritual ideas others are blind faith. In contrast, science often searches for physical and mechanical understanding of the universe.
      There are many issues in which science and religion clash. These issues range from the beginning of life, Evolution vs. Creationism, and the idea of Existence of Life after Death. As the advancement of science continues, explanations for life's occurrences are presented. How much do these explanations disprove religious accounts? Will science eventually disprove religion and render it useless?
      To discuss these issues and others Dialogue with Islam in association with SPES have invited the following distinguished panel of speakers:
      Alun Anderson (Editor of New Scientist Magazine)
      Prof. Alister McGrath (Christian Scholar from Oxford University)
      Norman Bacrac (National Secular Society)
      Dr Salim Fredricks (Muslim Scientist and Writer)
      The event will be chaired by Dr Raj Persaud
      (TV/Radio Broadcaster, Author and Journalist)
      Date: 6.45 PM Wednesday 25th January 2006
      Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1
      (Tube: 3min from Holborn Tube Station - Central/Piccadilly line)
      Tickets: £3 on the day or £2 if reserved beforehand
      (Email reserve@...)
      For further details please see www.dialoguewithislam.org

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