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Re: IDW JEM Comic Character Sheet I don't know how Kimber goes from dating lots of guys to being gay.. I think that's a big change. Remember Jeff accusing Kimber of playing the fields.. I like

Richard CONLON
8:03 AM

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Re: IDW JEM Comic Character Sheet With Kimber & Stormer dating, I think it would be boring if Aja dated Stormer's brother. At this point I'd like for them to shake things up and maybe let her

5:11 PM

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Re: IDW JEM Comic Character Sheet ... “The Bands Break Up” is an enormous turning point for Stormer, in fact much more so than it is for Kimber. While Kimber learns to be quite a bit more

Garrett Aja
5:02 PM

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Re: IDW JEM Comic Character Sheet They could be dong the whole whole frenemy thing with Jem and the Misfits. Kimber dates Stormer, Aja dates Stormer's brother. They'll ignore the action and

Kett Robbins
4:45 PM

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My Little Pony: FIM Season 5 Preview & Cover Girl Interview Hi, Here's a preview of My Little Pony: FIM season 5 which starts April 5th.

Kim and Shannon
4:38 PM

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Re: IDW JEM Comic Character Sheet You guys pretty much summed it up for me. Surely in any canon, whether a new one or a reinvented one, justification for character choices and the potential

E.A. Woolley
4:14 PM

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Re: IDW JEM Comic Character Sheet Hi, I have to agree with you and Taff. It's hard to judge where the story is going to go when we know absolutely nothing about any of the male characters.

Kim and Shannon
3:40 PM

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Re: IDW JEM Comic Character Sheet ... It’s not a totally awful idea, but the application here is beyond terrible. Not only is starting with both characters as out and gay just lazy, it’s

Garrett Aja
2:44 PM

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Re: IDW JEM Comic Character Sheet Actually, I take back what I said about the Misfit characters...I didn't see the bios before but it seems Jetta is still English which was my main concern with

E.A. Woolley
2:05 PM

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Re: IDW JEM Comic Character Sheet Hi, I think the writers' reasoning was that they wanted to even up both sides and add diversity. But are saving Raya for later. If there is a later. I'm

Kim and Shannon
1:43 PM

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Re: IDW JEM Comic Character Sheet I am not interested in the comic because it sounds like there's been a lot of reinventing in the character area, notjust in appearances, and I orefer the girls

E. Woolley
1:29 PM

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IDW Misfits Character Sheet Hi, I sent the other email before I realized that the Misfits were somewhere else.

Kim and Shannon
1:09 PM

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IDW JEM Comic Character Sheet Hi, Here's the new JEM comic's character sheet. We can see that this version will never be dolls- they all have different body types- (that don't range from

Kim and Shannon
1:04 PM

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Re: Hayley Kiyoko Small concert - Jem movie details Hi, HK is the 6th lead on CSI. Behind Dawson, the Biscuit, and Lil Bow Wow. She's playing Raven Ramirez. Bye, BonnieB21:-) ... From: izlavfem@...

Kim and Shannon
Mar 4

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Comic Book Resources Review of JEM #1 Hi, Here's a review of issue #1. I'm not sure now if JEM is supposed to be an all ages title like MLP:FIM and LPS or a grown folks title like Joe and TF.

Kim and Shannon
Mar 4
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