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  • gl
    Jan 18, 2014

    > hahhahahah, sounds perfect

    : ).

    I'm bowing out too now they're in the power cave, I got up far too early (~3am) & tired.  I'll do part two tomorrow.

    Funny thing, I couldn't find my Blu-ray.  For some reason I have 4 (!) DVD versions of the original movie, but it's so long since I looked at the hard copies that I couldn't remember where the Blu-ray was!  I kept thinking 'no, this box also says DVD on it' and even tried to play a couple to make sure they didn't just forget the Blu-ray label.  Of course it was in the Legacy Blu-ray 3D "2 Movie Collection", called 'Classic'!

    If you don't have the Blu-ray, it's just gorgeous.  Right from the get go, with the vector graphic intro:

    vector framegrab

    All of it looks great, but the vector stuff really shines.

    The other thing that struck me this time is just how the black & white actor footage goes right back to the early days of black & white films, right down to the flicker and image jumping around.  CROM's face (when he's locked up) struck me as a classic black & white movie face:


    It's amazing how TRON has all these different eras of movie making in it, from the very start, to how it was going to be done in the future.  Steven has often said that these days it would be so simple & cheap to do the movie digitally - it would, but as I've always said, it would not be the same film.  All that 'old' stuff, and the way the artists combined, lit & coloured it is unique & timeless.

    I still don't like art style of Sark's Carrier though (or the MCP near the end) - not so much the shapes, but the colour choices.  IIRC they were done by Triple-I, it has their look.  But I've always loved MagI's stuff (tanks, bikes), and everything else.
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