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Orange Empire Railway Museum Red Cars / Yellow Cars Update 7/5/11

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  • John Smatlak
    This email is one of our occasional updates on operation, maintenance and restoration of OERM s collection of Los Angeles (and other) electric railway
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2011
    Thisemail is one of our occasional updates on operation, maintenance and restoration of OERM' s collection of Los Angeles (and other) electric railway equipment. If you know someone who would like to be added to the list, please have them email me. Additional information about the Museum and its collections (including lots of photos) are available on our website: http://www.oerm.org/ . Weekly update lists from OERM are also available for diesel locomotive maintenance (Dave Althaus) and for our 3-foot steam narrow gauge collection (Bill Barbour).

    Last weekend I was up in Northern California attending the memorial service for the late Cam Beach. The event was held at Western Railway Museum, where Cam had recently been Board Chair. It was a very nice service, and it concluded with a ride on one of Cam's favorite streetcars, the Museum's nicely restored Muni PCC. Cam will certainly be missed, as evidenced by the large turnout of friends for the service.

    The visit also afforded an opportunity to spend some time in their very nice library and have some further discussions with their members on how they have laid out their archives. The following day I visited the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City and had a chance to see the amazing restoration of their V&T McKeen motor car (see pictures below).

    LATL 3100- The repainting of LATL 3100 is moving right along. As of Saturday, the car was completely in gray primer with Greg doing final sanding and taking care of final detail body filler work (see photo). The battery doors are also back on and once again have the right shape. The two bumpers are off-property for sandblasting. Dave Garcia is obtaining the paint. The car will be returning to its LATL "fruit salad" paint scheme, but Dave has directed us towards the 1948 LATL "Spanish Yellow" instead of the later "School Bus Yellow" that we're more familiar with on the 3100 (until now) and cars 1423 and 1450. The Spanish Yellow is what was used on our restorations of car 1160 and Line Car 9350.

    Going back two years to our report from July 9, 2008, I am again including the history of the LARy yellows as Dave has pieced it together: Dave has already done a thorough job on the PE red, by the way, with the aid of George Huckaby: http://www.trolleyville.com/tv/school/pery_color_guide/index.shtml

    Here's what we came up with to start. I've included the old DuPont Dulux paint numbers that we have on file, although today that's probably fairly meaningless:

    Circa 1918- Mild Canary Yellow (no sample available) (Chocolate Brown trim, Dulux #7502D)
    1925- first spray painting, Chrome Yellow (Dulux #5790-D), brown trim
    1936- Chrome Yellow remains the same, Black and Silver (aluminum) replace the Brown trim.
    1938- PCC cars get Chrome Yellow with Lemon Yellow (Dulux #34982D) above the window sill line. OERM has an original LARy "Chrome Yellow" chip from the motor coach division. Believed to be identical to the streetcar division Chrome Yellow. Paint for recent work on PCC car 3001 was matched to this
    Jan 10, 1945- LATL Takes Over, shortly thereafter Light Olive (LATL Exterior Green) becomes trim color, with Chrome Yellow remaining the same,
    1948- LATL introduces "Fruit Salad" colors. Spanish Yellow with LATL Exterior Green trim. OERM has good color chip for this, made from original LATL paint many years ago.
    Circa 1958- LATL began buying paint from Andrew Brown paint company (Brolite), who supplied "California School Bus Yellow". This was a slightly darker (more orange) yellow. LA PCC car 3100 is said to still wear this paint, having been painted late in the LATL era circa 1958.

    There may also have been some other subtle variations in the yellow here and there, and of course there were a variety of different roof colors applied, and then there was the MTA green towards the end of the streetcar era. We'd appreciate hearing from you if you have corrections, or just more information relating to the evolution of the paint schemes. 

    LARy 3072- Gary Starre has been working on organizing the move of PCC 3072 (Jack Richer's old car) to the Museum from its current home in Inyokern, more to follow shortly.

    LATL 2601-
    Harry Pederson continues work on the door mechanisms. 

    Smith Carhouse (4)- Since our last report, Zeke Hastings and helpers have gotten more concrete floor installed. Doug Ward also installed quite a bit of the new air piping, and Ralph Nenn has continued his efforts on getting the place cleaned up. (see photos).

    Library & Archives- Thanks to our colleagues at the Western Railway Museum for sending me back from my recent visit with a large stack of Pacific Electric and LA Railway maps and timetables and other paper items. This is the latest in a series of small trades of surplus items between our two groups. Thanks also to Aaron Isaacs and our friends at the Minnesota Transportation Museum for sending us a nice collection of PE, LARy and even a few H&N photos. Thanks also to Greg Vaughn for donating several bound volumes of Railway Gazette and Railway Age.

    Our next monthly Archives meeting is scheduled for this coming Monday, July 11.

    and 2) LATL 3100 is now in primer!
    3) and 4) progress in the Smith Carhouse (4)- more concrete flooring has been poured!
    5) Ralph Nenn poses with some of the new air piping that Doug Ward recently installed along the wall in the Smith Carhouse (4)
    6) thru 8) some shots of the amzing restoration of the V&T McKeen motor car at Nevada State Railroad Museum. I remember visiting it years ago when it was a hardware store in Carson City. The museum has done an incredible job in bringing this amazing piece of Nevada history back to life!

    MATERIAL DONATIONS WANTED (also check out our on-line want list at: http://www.oerm.org/pages/wishlist.html)
    1) We need a new self-dumping hopper for trash collection duty. This is the kind you attached to the forklift, and one person can "pull the pin" from the ground and the hopper unloads into the big roll-off dumpsters we have out back. Something like the Stor-Quip Premium Series, 2,000 lb. capacity: http://self-dumping-hoppers.storquip.com/
    2) We could use a few more 20 and / or 40 foot shipping containers in decent condition.
    3) Although we are flush with cross pieces and wide uprights, we need narrow uprights (less than 40" depth) to fit against the walls inside the Ruffulo Carhouse.
    4) We could use a new crop of gardening tools, especially good quality trimmers.
    5) We need 3-wire extension cords in all lengths!
    6) We could use a small couch in good condition for the back room in the Museum Director's office.

    Contact me via email if you can provide any of the above. Thanks!
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