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Re: [TriumphTrophy] Rear end tail wag

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      Tires and tire pressure.

      Bob Claek

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      Subject: [TriumphTrophy] Rear end tail wag
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      Hi All, A few years ago I was asking about a problem I had at high speeds. As I got up to 100 mph on my '96 900 it felt as if the rear end would start to wag from side to side. As soon as it would start I would ease off on the throttle. Not a good feeling at 100 mph. It did this with and without the panniers or topbox. However the bike used to be stable all the way up to 125. So I was stuck with this speed limit and didn't know why.

      I received some suggestion to what might be causing the problem, but none helped cure the problem. So a month ago my brother suggested that I take off the handle bar risers and put the fork tubes back to the stock position. I had the fork tubes raised about 3/4 inch in the triple clamps. That fork tube change allowed me to get more than my toes on the ground at a stop. Little did I know it was the cause of the tail wag.

      My brother found this old youtube video about wobble and weave and sent it to me.
      I shows the problem I was experiencing. These riders are much braver than me, they would continue riding the weave even through a sweeping turn. Interesting video and I thought I would pass it along.


      Greg Andrews
      '96 900 BRG
      '98 Sprint Exec. Sport
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