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Keihin carb idle still bad

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  • Greg
    Hi All, I have Keihin carbs on my 96 900 BRG. The Mikuni s this bike came with are on my 98 Sprint Exc. The Keihin s came from a donor (wrecked) 98 900
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2013
      Hi All, I have Keihin carbs on my '96 900 BRG. The Mikuni's this bike came with are on my '98 Sprint Exc. The Keihin's came from a donor (wrecked) '98 900 Trophy. I made the swap looking for better gas mileage for the BRG bike and besides I needed carbs for the Sprint I built. I felt I should explain this carb swap because this informed group will call me out on it.
      I do get a little better mileage 40 up to 42 mpg. I doesn't have the power hit at 7 grand like the Mikuni's. But running at highway speeds all is good and the spark plugs look toasty brown.

      Now to the idle. The pilot jets are 38 and turning down the idle fuel screw doesn't do much. One or two turns out, its all the same.
      That is telling me the pilot jet is too big or I have wrong needles installed. What is the stock pilot jet number? How do I confirm if I have the correct needles?
      Thanks in advance,

      P.S. Thanks A2 for checking up on Hans, I was also wondering how he's getting on with the sputter. He didn't mention if it emptied the carbs and stalled after a one mile hi-speed run.
      My single feed Keihin's would do that when it had a kink in the fuel line. How embarrassing sitting at the side on the road after passing a bunch of cars. I installed a long spring inside the fuel line to keep it from kinking at that bend.
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