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Re: [TriumphTrophy] Re: Wanted - 9-hole Clearvie w XL Windscreen

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  • apsllp@bellsouth.net
    My Power Bronze flip screen is great and cured my buffeting. It s a little taller than I like as I look through the top. But at $118 US delivered, I can t
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2013
      My Power Bronze "flip" screen is great and cured my buffeting.  It's a little taller than I like as I look through the top.  But at $118 US delivered, I can't complain.

      Bob Clark
      01 Sunset Red Trophy 1200
      Jacksonville, FL

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      Save your money on replacement screens, as none of them will solve the noise/buffeting problem. I have a boxfull of pretty much every screen ever made for the Trophy.

      The only way to really solve the problem is to mount a small second screen spaced about an inch or so away near the top of the base screen. This is like the "Laminar Lip" idea. If you look through the photos and archives on this site, you will see some examples other list members have made. The principle is to create a laminar flow over the top of the screen - much like every new bike does by having a hole at the base of the screen, so air can flow up the bottom side of the screen and re-unite with the air coming up from the front - thus eliminating the breaking turbulence (also called a Karmen Street).

      Try it. It is a cheap and effective solution to the screen problem on the Trophy, which is probably its only real design flaw.

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      > Hi everyone,
      > My '97 900 has what I think is a Sprint Manufacturing 'tall' aftermarket screen fitted. I know the PO had to replace the screen due to an accident. The screen is 26.5 inches on the centreline. I am 6ft 1in tall and the bike has a standard seat. When I sit on the bike the top of the screen is about level with the bottom of my visor and I still get a lot of wind noise and buffeting at 70 - 80mph. If I want to get out of the wind I have to crouch down in a way that is not comfortable for more than a few minutes.
      > So I am trying to solve this problem and I notice that screens on many bikes (e.g. BMW GS, etc) are a lot more upright than the one on my bike.
      > I have compared my screen with pictures of the Clearview XL which I know a lot of people have fitted. I think my screen slopes back more toward the rider than the Clearview and the latter is also 1 inch taller as well as having a more pronounced upward curve at the top of the screen.
      > I am considering modifying my screen to be more upright but would like to try the Clearview XL if anyone has one they would like to part with?
      > I am in the UK so anything Stateside is not likely to be practical from a shipping point of view.
      > I'd welcome any thoughts and experience on this, particularly from those of you that are taller?
      > Many Thanks,
      > Nick
      > South Bucks, UK

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