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Re: CRASH! Dangit...body panels needed.

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  • slovcan
    Hi Jack, That s called complacency. Everybody here has had moments of complacency while riding - you re in the groove, at one with your machine, you think and
    Message 1 of 13 , Mar 2, 2013
      Hi Jack,

      That's called complacency. Everybody here has had moments of complacency while riding - you're in the groove, at one with your machine, you think and it moves, then BANG, something potentially serious brings you instantly back to reality - usually just in the nick of time. It has happened to me - AND to everyone else here if they are honest with themselves.

      I'm really sorry that happened to you, Jack, and hope everyone else takes note of how it did and remember to always focus while riding. Also, really good it was just pride and plastic that took the hit.

      Ed offered a great thing with a contribution/"payment" for the famous fuel knob. I have a spare windshield - well, 2 actually, a stock and a Clearview medium - if you need one. Let me know and I'll send it off to you.


      --- In TriumphTrophy@yahoogroups.com, "JackM" <jackon2wheelz@...> wrote:
      > Honestly, when me and Mr T hit the deck, we were not going too fast. Maybe 15 mph, but we SLAMMED down. So here's the play by play.
      > We were on a three-lane surface street in the far left lane. I followed a car into the center lane, nice and easy. I needed to get to the right lane to get to the on-ramp to Highway 50. In my mirrors, the right lane also looked clear, but I needed to look over to make sure nothing was in the blind spot. Mind you, there was so much traffic noise that I could not hear an individual car next to me. Anyway... In the exact second that I looked to my right to check the blind spot, a car jerked out from the right lane directly in front of the car I was following. That car slammed on his brakes in reaction. The half-second or so I turned my head was all it took to make the situation dangerous. When I looked forward again, all I could do was grab a fistful of front brake. Problem was, the front tire was not pointed perfectly straight, so when the tire locked up, it immediately washed out to the left and down we went.
      > My mistake in this scenario was minor, but important. I was in the aforementioned center lane, but was still moving from the left wheel track to the right wheel track. I should have never taken my eyes away from forward until I was fully in the right wheel track and ready to move another lane over. Had I done so, I would have seen the offending car make its lunge and would have had ample time to stop. Lesson learned.
      > First time I have been down on the street in 20 years, but thankful the lesson was so relatively minor. I'm not too proud to confess my mistake in this scenario if it will help you guys think about how you also ride in traffic.
      > Blessings to you all.
      > Jack
      > Placerville, CA
      > (Hangtown USA)
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