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    Most of us do explore the performance envelope. I can get better fuel mileage,if I never wind up the tach. I don t ride a Gold Wing for a reason. I typically
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      Most of us do explore the performance envelope.  I can get better fuel mileage,if I never wind up the tach. I don't ride a Gold Wing for a reason. I typically see 38 mpg and my worst has been 27 in play mode.  

      Best Regards,

      Bob Clark
      01 Sunset Red Trophy 1200
      (As it left the dealer new with exception of coils)

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      I own a 2002 1200 and consistently get:
      - 46 mpg (US gallon) one-up (180 lbs) 70-75 mph
      - 44.5 mpg two-up (325 lbs) 70-75 mph
      - 43.5 mpg two-up fully loaded with luggage (total 370 lbs) 70-75 mph
      - 38 mpg one-up acting like I'm a 20-year old on a sport bike in the Santa Cruz mountains or the Sierras.

      These are all demonstrated over long distances and repeated trips over five years of owning the bike. Fuel is 89 octane (or higher if 89 is not available). First week of October was two-up with my son and luggage 2700 miles from San Jose to Buffalo, Wyoming and back. Actually got 45 mpg average over the whole of that trip because while going out was summer-like weather and 75-80 mph (or higher :) coming back included snow flurries and slower speeds trying to stay warm!

      The bike is bone stock. Carbs and vacuum lines and emission controls (California!) are unmodified. Mixture plugs are in place on the carbs. Current tires are Bridgestone Battlax at recommended pressures. Yes it idles lean and burbles a bit but apparently it's in factory tune per the dealer/tuner. As tempting as it is to make it idle smoother with a richer mixture I won't touch it since it always starts easily, runs smoothly and predictably off idle, and eats up the miles without a hiccup.


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      > > Wow! That's a lot better than my current 38mpg. What's the final setting?
      > Samuel,
      > I merely went back to stock jets both primary and secondary. I lowered the needles one notch and set the air bleed screws 2.5 turns out to enrich the idle circuit a bit for easier cold starts with minimum choke use. I also synced the carbs., installed new plugs and replaced the coils (one was giving a weak spark)
      > The bike gets around 38 to 40 MPG at highway speed when loaded down with camping gear and panniers. 42.6 mpg was riding back roads with no side paniers or camping gear but with a trunk.
      > Cheers,
      > Steve

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