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MotoFizz Through tank bag - first impressions

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  • TJ
    So I picked up one of these on fleaBay. Brand new - never used for $70 with shipping. Still more expensive than some but cheaper than ordering from
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2012
      So I picked up one of these on fleaBay. Brand new - never used for $70 with shipping. Still more expensive than some but cheaper than ordering from Aerostich.


      My goal was to pick up something small enough to not cover the beautiful Triumph badging (no reference to other messages intended - lol) but large enough to accommodate my travel camera, maps, etc... if possible.

      I got the bag in the mail today and WOW. I did not fully understand how small tank bags could be! Being use to my Wolfman Rainier tank bag mounted on the BMW F650 Dakar, I was taken back by how small the Through is. Having said that, the number of compartments is amazing. I won't go into all of the different pockets as they are explained well on the Aerostich site, but man, there are a bunch of them. One of them (last two pics) - on the top - is kept by velcro and when you open it, sides of the compartment expand. I would think this area would be perfect for toll road change.

      I can see myself playing with where to put stuff until I find the perfect arrangement. The atlas partition is great. It is not really the best quick reference stash like with my Rainier but with GPS systems on hand, that is not needed (at least I don't need a map for touring) as much. On my dual sport, it is handy to have quick eyes on a forest service map or the like..... The Through map pocket is more 'book-like'. Unzip it and it opens like a book.

      The pulls are plenty long enough and the zipper is smooth as butter. They are somewhat color coordinated - Red being for your map and gray for the storage areas. The little things make it nice ya know?

      The bag is kept rigid by the use of a nylon strap around the main compartment and piping around each of the bag sections - top and bottom.

      I have test fit it. While I don't have my bike yet, I do have a nice BRG Trophy tank I picked up for $25 bucks that is in my sons' room for decoration. :) The Through sets on the tank perfect. At least as perfect I can imagine without the rest of the bike... haha. The magnets are nicely padded as is the bottom of the case.

      The magnets are VERY strong. With only two of them on the tank I could not slide the bag to adjust where it set. I am sure this in part to the material surrounding the magnets as well. You have to set the bag where you want it and then pull the mounting tabs where you want them and then allow them to magnetize to the tank. (This maybe common... I have only used compression strap bags.)

      I snapped a few pics:


      You get the rain cover with the bag and it fits quite snugly and rolls up small when stored.

      The third-to-last picture shows an iPad on top of the bag to further show just how big (err... small) the bag is.

      The fit and finish is really great. The material is sturdy and it looks and feels like it would last forever. I am a firm believer in Wolfman products, but this thing feels like a tank in comparison.

      To be fair, I can't give a full review simply because I have not put it to use yet, but these are some first impressions for y'all. If you have any questions, let me know.

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