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RE: [TriumphTrophy] Re: Keihin Main and Pilot Jets

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  • Ed Johnson
    FYIL The jets in my 1200 are 115 s. It s a 50 mile round trip to work so I decided to ride my bike to work for economy s sake but checked the mileage against
    Message 1 of 10 , Dec 1, 2011
      FYIL The jets in my 1200 are 115's. It's a 50 mile round trip to work so I
      decided to ride my bike to work for economy's sake but checked the mileage
      against my then '89 Honda Civic. The Civic got 33mpg and the Trophy 30mpg! I
      got to work about 15 minutes sooner however. (;-)

      Ed J.
      2001 Triumph Trophy 1200
      1964 Bonneville TT Special
      Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937
      Cell - 321/795-4387

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      Hi Bob, Do you remember what the main jet sizes are? I read that stock main
      jet sizes are 105 & 110 for 1200's with Mikuni carbs. When my '96 900 had
      the Mikuni carbs the jets were 120 & 125. It had more power with 127.5 jets.
      Then I changed to Keihin's searching for fuel economy. The fuel economy
      increased a little bit but at the cost of the fun factor. So out went the
      Keihin 120 jets and in went 127.5 Ohh Boy, the fun factor is back.
      I'm curious, should I have changed the rubber boots between the carbs and
      the head when I changed the Mikuni's to Keihin's? Are they the same boot?

      apsllp@. wrote:
      He asked if I wanted a few more ponies..... I said H_ _L yes! He opened up
      the jets and put it on the Dyno. My carbs have flowed more fuel from the
      time I drove the bike off of the dealers lot.
      Bob Clark
      01 Sunset Red Trophy 1200
      Jacksonville, FL


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