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RE: [TriumphTrophy] just joined group

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  • graham arthur
    Many thanks for info and advice, will take time to digest and use cold weather to get my trophy ready for the alps next year, graham ... From: Ed Johnson
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      Many thanks for info and advice, will take time to digest and use cold weather to get my trophy ready for the alps next year, graham

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      Subject: RE: [TriumphTrophy] just joined group
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      Date: Thursday, 25 November, 2010, 16:29


      Without knowing a little more about the bike it would be difficult

      to diagnose the misfiring but everybody here knows I've run the gambit in

      tracking down mine. If I had to start all over a do it again here's what I'd


      1. Open the carb petcocks and see what comes out. If it's rusty water rather

      than petrol I'd totally drain the tank, remove the petcock and fuel gage

      sending unit. Take the cover off the sending unit and clean all the rust out

      of it. Make sure the fuel tap is clean as well. If there's rust in the tank

      I'd clean that as well. If you are real careful you can do a pretty good job

      of cleaning the tank by taping up the holes where petcock and sending unit

      came out of and with lacquer thinner or acetone and sheet metal screws

      loosen all the rust and clean it out. Petrol or kerosene is a little safer

      to the paint.

      2. While I had the tank off I'd look at the coils and see if they are Gills

      or PVL's. PVL's are more robust and available from MotoBins in the UK. Gills

      WILL fail! It's just a matter of when. The PVL's are Plug and Play from

      Motobins. When I got mine they didn't know that.

      3. Check the resistance of the high tension wires. Should be around 5K ohms

      and don't believe a mechanic that says they have an "Air Gap" and you can't

      check the resistance. This is incorrect information for your bike. Common on

      most others however.

      4. If you found a lot of rust in the tank and float bowl drainage you are

      probably going to have to rebuild the carbs. The Haynes manual #2162

      explains how to do it very well.

      5. Once you get it all back together have the carbs synched and air/fuel

      screws set by a professional.

      If you use the search function on the web site and go back over some

      of my posts you'll see all the problems I had with my Trophy getting

      everything set right. Top of the list is HT Leads! (;-)!

      Regards and good luck!

      Ed J.


      2001 Triumph Trophy 1200

      1964 Triumph Bonneville

      Indian Harbour Beach, FL

      Cell - 321/795-4387

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      Subject: [TriumphTrophy] just joined group

      hi, picked up 2000 trophy 1200 today, rode home 125 miles,--sweet but i

      think maybe the coils are an issue, some misfiring. wondered what the advice

      is, many thanks, graham

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