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Good farkle / overkill / parts?

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  • Neil Christie
    FINALLY completed my Trophy 1200 repairs this weekend. I hate to admit it, but, way back on July 23 (!), my throttle cable broke. Ordered & received a new one.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2006
      FINALLY completed my Trophy 1200 repairs this weekend.

      I hate to admit it, but, way back on July 23 (!), my throttle cable
      broke. Ordered & received a new one. Finaly got the bike reassembled
      yesterday? (I have another one I rode sometimes, but basically just too
      damn busy!)

      While I was in there, I also replaced the fuel lines with Tygon tubing.
      Here's a bit of advice to newbies everywhere - always get what you need.
      I bought 10" of Tygon tubing (the distributor I used sells no less), put
      thin-wire spring inside it at the bends, and used stainless stell spring
      clamps at the ends. I even bought the proper spring-clamp pliers. Using
      the right tools ans the right parts is a joy - using the wrong tool and
      almost-right parts is pure aggravation. I also replaced the vaccum line
      with new, too.

      In changing the throttle cable, I do affirm and concur that the design
      of the whole carbs-airbox-throttle cable is completely asinine, and
      would seriously make me consider not buying another Triumph. The 04
      Speed Triple is better sorted.

      So what's the good farkle? PIAA-1100 driving lights, mounted to the fork
      lowers at the brake line clip. Properly wired, too. Brilliant.

      The overkill? I installed a new aftermarket shock - sort of wish I'd
      just bought a Hagon, or the Ohlins with the remote preload adjuster at
      the brake bracket. BUT, the shop I bought from had a sale on WP - no
      slouch name, eh? So I installed a WP fully adjustable stock. Adjustable
      ride height, rebound, high-speed compression, low-speed compression, and
      preload. The remote compression adjuster is located just above the brake
      master cylinder bracket, and there is enough hose to move it if I need
      to. Between that, and the Race-tech springs and emulators I installed in
      the spring, this should be fun.

      Parts? I am going to install a new handlebar (I've an adapter to use
      standard 7/8" bars), and before I do, does anyone have an extra set of
      the plastic throttle-side switch housings laying around? I'd buy both
      throttle and clutch sides, if you'd rather. The PO had overtightened
      mine, and the threads in the plastic are almost-stripped.

      Anyway, by the time I was done, it was beginning to rain hard - and I
      was tired - so "someday soon" I'll take it out and play.

      OH - another bit of free advice. When remounting the mufflers, tighten
      the mounts at the can & frame, then rotate the muffler away from the
      swingarm before tightening the clamp at the header pipe. Failure to do
      so allows the cans to be rubbed by the swingarm at the axle.

      Stay safe,
      98 Trophy 1200, Pacific Blue, Pub Crawler for when there's two
      04 Speed Triple 955i, Tornado Red, Twizzler for just me
      96 Old Town 158 (canoe) for when it's rainy
      Barrett .50 caliber M95 for when everything else fails

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