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Re: Vacuum??

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  • Chris Bell
    ... Hold up a coin, and I see heads , you see tails. You say ta-may-to, I say ta-mah-to. You say six, I say a half dozen. You say half empty, I
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 3, 2001
      Dave says:
      > I don't want to start up a long discussion but----- vacuum only
      > allows the atmospheric pressure to push open the valve.

      Hold up a coin, and I see "heads", you see "tails." You say
      "ta-may-to," I say "ta-mah-to." You say "six," I say "a half dozen."
      You say "half empty," I say "half full." As long as we can agree to
      disagree... :-P

      Pull the vacuum hose off, and you got no gas. I say the vacuum is the
      impetus that allows the go-go juice to flow and therefor IT is what
      opens the valve. Without the introduction of the vacuum (or
      turning the valve to "PRI" to force it open), the valve is an object
      at rest that would prefer to remain "at rest." It's just the other
      side of the same coin.

      Chris "Mr. Science" Bell
      Austin, TX
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