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I-95 RAT Run final notice, version 2.0

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  • sykerocker@netscape.net
    With eight days to go, I find out one mistake and some possible unsettled weather conditions. Here s the correction on the final update on the I-95 RAT Run:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2005
      With eight days to go, I find out one mistake and some possible unsettled weather conditions. Here's the correction on the final update on the I-95 RAT Run:

      Plans are unchanged from the previous mailings: Leave the Waffle House on VA54 (I-95 exit #92) in Ashland, VA at 1100 on Wednesday, 9 March. Second day's departure will be from the GA Welcome Center on Southbound I-95 at 1300. Initial destination will be Scarlett O'Hara's in St. Augustine, FL for an initial round or three, and then we depart for the King's Head Pub to arrive before the northbound run from Daytona (which is currently planned for 1830).

      For those riders in SC planning on joining the Run on the second day: Scott Dail's group is leaving the Charlotte area from the SC Welcome Center on I-77 at 0730 on the 10th.

      That's 0730, NOT 0800 as previously listed.

      They will stop to meet riders at the Waffle House on at 321 and I-26 (exit #115) in Columbia, SC at 0900. Anyone who'd like to ride in a group through SC is invited to join them. Riders coming from the Midwest are recommended to join up with Scot's group, as I-77 will bring you in a straight shot to the staging area.

      I have a request if you're planning on joining us on the Run: Please drop me an email (sykerocker@...), or call my cellular/voice mail (804-339-0853) if you're planning on coming on Wednesday, so I can get an idea of how many participants I've got. My voice mail will also be available the days of the run, as I'll be checking the phone at each gas stop. There's a good possibility that we'll be picking up at least one person in NC, and I'm attempting to schedule gas stops accordingly.

      If you'd like to roll in with Scott's group through SC, contact him at (scotdail@...) or cell number 803-493-1398 so he can do his planning.

      Now, let's just hope for good (at least above freezing) weather. I've gotten some reports on the possibility of bad weather in Northern VA on the 9th, so I could be making a decision on the first day's run by Sunday evening, the 6th. If we're still go, and the weather does pack up on Wednesday, there will be a fast email listing any changes that morning. I'll be up by 0700 at the latest, and will be making any final decisions regarding changes by 0800.

      No matter what happens weather-wise, the Thursday run is ON!!!

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