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  • Hurst, Michael
    For your information; just to keep you all in the loop. ... From: egroups-moderator-news-help@egroups.com [mailto:egroups-moderator-news-help@egroups.com]
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2000
      For your information; just to keep you all in the loop.

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      From: egroups-moderator-news-help@egroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2000 8:27 PM
      To: egroups-moderator-news@egroups.com

      Dear Moderator:

      Yahoo! has completed its acquisition of eGroups, and we're happy to
      officially welcome you to the Yahoo! family. You can learn more about
      the completion of the deal by reading our press release
      (http://www.egroups.com/local/pr/pr083100.html). There is a great deal
      of work ahead as we work to bring eGroups into the Yahoo! network of
      services, but we're very excited about the future.

      We hope you'll be celebrating with us as we begin expanding our
      ability to help people collaborate, exchange ideas, and build
      relationships around the world.

      Although we're busy working on future plans, it's important to know
      that there will be no immediate changes to either the eGroups or
      Yahoo! Clubs services. All of the current features, policies, and
      services will continue to be supported.

      Users will continue to be governed by the Terms of Service they
      initially agreed to upon registering for either service. In other
      words, the eGroups Terms of Service will continue to apply to eGroups

      Short term, we'll continue planning for the integrated service, while
      trying our best to anticipate any major issues that might arise. We
      will share news on our progress in the merger discussion group
      (http://www.egroups.com/group/merger), and we encourage you to
      participate in the dialogue by voicing your concerns.

      We understand there will be a lot of questions regarding this
      integration and we'll try to answer them all as best we can. We've
      also created a Help Center (http://help.yahoo.com/help/egroups) on
      Yahoo! to serve as a home for commonly asked questions.

      Thanks for your patience, encouragement, and feedback throughout this

      All the best,

      The folks from eGroups and Yahoo!
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