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Re: Desperately Seeking 97-99 Trophy 900 Merlot Red

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  • trumpettriple <trumpettriple@yahoo.com>
    ... (preferably ... laughed ... Andrzej, Very sorry to hear of your accident. 6 months in hospital? Wow, that must have been awful. I m glad you are mended and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 31, 2003
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      <trophy96@h...> wrote:
      > Help
      > Are You looking for a good home for a 97-99 Trophy 900
      > Merlot Red)
      > in the UK look no further.
      > (Here is the Sob Story)
      > Last Oct 2001 a mobile phone user (i think) pulled out of a side
      > road and wiped me and my trophy out ...I was
      > worse but manage to keep my arms and legs, anyway before i could
      > make a decision which was 2 months later the insurers had disposed
      > of it. I spent 6 months in Hospital.
      > If You can help, make ANY suggestions as to where i can get one.
      > Thanks
      > Safe Riding to All.
      > andrzej N
      > Mobile phones
      > A short note of interest, after speaking to our local police about
      > prosecuting drivers using a mobile phone on the move, the guy
      > and said i got 17 emergency calls on my screen and you think were
      > going to go looking for drivers using a phone .......... it will
      > never be enforceable.......
      > So much for protecting the public.

      Very sorry to hear of your accident. 6 months in hospital? Wow, that
      must have been awful. I'm glad you are mended and I hope you find
      your new ride soon.

      I can understand the police not driving around looking for phone
      users who are coincidentally driving a car, but wouldn't it be easy
      for them to check the phone usage of anyone causing an accident,
      like the cager did to you? I'm sure the phone cos would provide the
      police with phone connection details, times etc.

      I think 'phone users who are driving' is the right way to look at
      this, rather than the other way aound, given the % of attention
      given to the phone.

      ....What about a gadget built into cars that detects that a phone is
      in use in the car and automatically switches on the cars hazard
      lights for the duration of the call? ;-)

      ....At least these drivers would then know that their turn signals
      WOULD work if they ever found out where the lever is.

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