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  • Tim Akeroyd
    OK, here we go, from a newbie to the list... First, a standard disclaimer: I bought my new Trophy 1200 on July 7th, after 5 years with an ST 1100. I ve done
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 1999
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      OK, here we go, from a newbie to the list...

      First, a standard disclaimer: I bought my new Trophy 1200 on July 7th,
      after 5 years with an ST 1100. I've done 10,000 kms since, mainly on
      French twisties. I *love* this machine - it feels like a "real"
      motorcycle again, after the big Honda. Therefore, any criticism is
      purely... etc... etc...

      > Improve the seat by lowering and making more horizontal for at
      > least the driver so we sit in, not on, the bike.
      Odd one, this. There's been a few critics of the seat, and for the first
      2,000 kms I was one of 'em. Then something happened - either the seat
      moulded itself to my arse, or vise versa, and now I'm fine on long
      trips. Better than the ST, to my surprise!

      > Raise the bars approx. 1" (1/4" less than a GenMar), or, as
      > suggested later, give a mounting system that allows the rider
      > to easily choose different configurations from standard tubular
      > offerings.
      Not for me - I think Europeans like bars lower than the Yanks do. Then
      again, I'm no giant (5'10").

      > Give a choice of exhaust cans (std vs Daytona style for example)
      Yes, I agree. The mods you've made to your bike look great.

      > Better windscreen that eliminates noise, buffeting, etc. Use or
      > subcontract with Clearview and Gustafson for factory approved
      > replacements for 96-98 and 99+ models respectively. Have std,
      > low and high variations.
      I'm fine with the stock screen, and have no complaints from the rear, at
      speeds up to 180 kph. Everyone is a different size (bit of a stupid
      affirmation, that!) so Triumph have to aim for the average. Anyway,
      statistically, tall people have higher incomes, so they can afford an
      aftermarket screen or two.

      > Either a shaft drive or a stock Scott-oiler-like system for chain drives.
      I've just come from a heavier, shaft-drive bike. Keep the chain - it
      puts the "sport" into a sport-touring bike. Powering out of a bend you
      can really feel the chain and tyres working to get that horsepower onto
      the tarmac. The bike isn't heavy compared with others in it's class -
      let's keep it that way.
      Built-in oiler system sounds like a good idea, though. (Problems with
      Scott-oiler patent?)

      > Adjustable front shocks for damping (both directions) & spring
      > preload.
      > Anti-dive of some kind on the front end.
      Yeah, the front forks need beefing up. Not sure they need to be
      adjustable, just a harder factory setup, with anti-dive. Tighter
      steering too - I had front-end wobbles at high speed until the dealer
      sorted it.

      > Adjustable by owner rear shocks for both damping & preload.
      Yep, deffo!

      > Front fender extension standard (e.g., not an extension).
      Haven't seen the need for this yet. Then again, our 1st winter together
      is nigh.

      > Self-cancelling signals.
      Disagree. Give me total control! When I realise I've been flashing "left
      turn" for the past 20 kms, it's a little warning to wake up and pay more attention.

      Now, my personal wishlist. I'm gonna shout the important bits because
      it's a long way to Hinckley...
      1-Paniers and top-case that DON'T LEAK.
      2-Dasboard lights you can SEE in daytime. For ****'s sake, Triumph have
      known about this for years - why do they refuse to fix it?
      3-Better OEM tyres. The original Bridgestones slide all over the place
      in the rain. Can't wait to replace 'em. (BTW, any recommendations?)
      4-Better turning circle. Come on! Even the ST1100 was better!!
      5-Even lower 6th gear - make it an "overdrive" gear.
      7-Thats it.

      Tim Akeroyd
      99 Trophy 1200
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