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Yet More Screen Questions

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  • Rich Hartwick
    ... Tony, Could you explain your exact setup - what is your Twin Shield -? This must be your own combination, and not the Double Bubble that Zero lists on
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2000

      TriumphTrophy@egroups.com wrote:

      Message: 1
         Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 22:58:33 -0700
         From: "Tony" <ynotfix@...>
      Subject: Re: Zero Gravity

      > Zero Gravity has two different screens for the 96-98 Trophy, Sport
      > Touring Series nr 12-900 and the XL Series nr 10-900

      I have the sport touring screen and it's a nice piece of work. It's quieter
      than the stock one and with my Twinshield set-up it has much less buffeting.
      Tony Angco
      '96 Trophy 1200
      '96 Triumph Trident
      '96 Honda Africa Twin
      '85 Honda XLV750R
      '99 Suzuki SV650
      '89 Honda Hawk GT650
      The best advice as always is;
      Don't exceed your experience level
      when working with hazardous equipment

      Message: 7
         Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 10:45:52 -0700 (PDT)
         From: Greg Dettmann <gdettmann@...>
      Subject: Re: zero gravity

      Has anyone tried the zero gravity xl series model? I
      know lots of time has been spent discussing screens on
      the Trophy but I'm still not convinced higher and
      wider is what I'm looking for. In warmer weather I'd
      like more air. I wonder if significantly lowering the
      screen wouldn't also lessen the wind noise at the
      helmet level? Has anyone tried cutting down the stock
      screen? I'm about at a point to give it a go. I'd be
      interested if anyone has pictures of either of the
      zero gravity screen also. Lars-Erik let us know how
      you like your screen when you get it.


      Could you explain your exact setup - what is your "Twin Shield" -?  This must be your own combination, and not the "Double Bubble" that Zero lists on their web site?  Could you give us all the details?


      I cut my already short 96 stock screen down by about 2".  It is about what you would expect.  Cleaner air, closer to riding a sport bike or non-faired standard.

      It seems like you can't get something for nothing.  Much as I liked the lowered turbulence, when riding in 30 deg temps in March, I realized what a wimp I had become, and missed the weather protection. The Clearview I tried I felt was too large, even though it had better protection.  So I still am back to the stock 96-98, which like Goldilocks, is not the perfect porrage, but is better than the others, for me at least. Someone out there must have the perfect combination that is just right.

      Rick Hartwick
      South New Berlin, NY
      96 900 Trophy

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