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88215Shifting clunk fixed

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  • greg95ns
    Jan 14, 2014
      Hi All, 
      Finally after two years and 20,000 miles my '96 900 BRG no longer shifts like a BMW. 
      I've tried changing the clutch plates, swapped out the slave cylinder, tried another shift rod, the one that goes from the slave to the clutch. Ask my dealer in Kansas City what I could try. Their top two mechanics said that some Trophys are just that way. Well it wasn't that way for the first 77,000 miles.

      I had another master cylinder and I tried swapping it out on my BRG. Nope, the piston in the cylinder was stuck so the lever wouldn't move.
      I ordered two master cylinder kits from Sprint Manufacturing in the U.K. It wasn't that hard to fix. A good cleaning inside the bore and lube it up with brake fluid.
      Finally no more clunking.
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