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88213Re: [TriumphTrophy] Re: About the "Johnson Jolt"

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  • adeux60@ymail.com
    Jan 14, 2014
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      The battery will run down slowly in time and when connected to a clock and alarm. My outlook is that if I have not started the bike for a few weeks then I charge the battery first. It makes a lot of difference to starting and the life of the battery.

      Trying to start on a flat battery puts the old type sprag clutch at risk which is not only annoying but expensive and time consuming. As the engine doesn't turn fast enough or doesn't have enough momentum ( possibly aggravated by the lost spark) it may not reach top dead centre in time for the spark to have sent it the opposite way. The sprag should cut in/out but tends to break instead.

      Also the carbs can be a little low in fuel so a little prime can knock seconds off the cranking too.

      If the Johnson jolt was appropriate then the effects are very apparent. No harm done otherwise except you have added another level of complexity


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