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87889RE: Correct cam chain installation

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  • greg95ns
    Dec 10 8:23 AM

      Hi Samuel, I've done compression checks before, but not on my Triumphs. So I could be wrong here. Compression checks are done with a wide open throttle (WOT). We can turn the twist grip and open the throttle plates, but the vacuum slide will still be down and not letting the engine get a full breath of air on a compression check. I would think you will also need a way to open the vacuum slides while doing the test. I'm guessing the compression will be in the 125-140 lbs. psi area. What you are looking for is all the cylinders are close to showing the same psi.

      You mentioned how important the cam chain adjustment spring is. I think of greater importance is the ratchet mechanism on the cam tensioner. Whenever the cam chain has a moment of slack the spring does its job and the ratchet holds it in place until the next time the chain gets slack.

      The ratchet doesn't slacken in normal usage. It is the ratchet that keeps the cam chain tight not the spring.

      Greg Andrews


      97,000 smiles

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