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  • angusbain2000
    Dec 9, 2013
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      Jim thanks for the contact and the good info, i will keep it in mind,  while my panels look ok in photos, once they are off the bike they are in a bad way, only the nose cone isnt broken, labour costs here Australia are excessive, so i wont be rushing in for a repair, but thanks for the suggestion, i have done a fair amount of body work repairs in the past on cars and bikes, but these days its ''time'' that is the number one problem, i will continue to look around the globe and see what/where/who and then if worst comes to worst i will get my panel beating tools out and buy a plastic welder. I am thinking of changing colours on the bike as well, maybe some thing quite different? but maybe not? do like some of the colours that www.houseofkolor.com.au make. 

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