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87606RE: Re: [TriumphTrophy] RE: Ideas for major running problem after rebuild? '97 Trophy

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  • adeux60@ymail.com
    Oct 17, 2013

      you should not need to make adjustments to the carbs - initially they have to be clean.

      GBoH great book of Haynes - explains that assembly is the reverse of disassembly

      my air box and PO had a fire - i wonder if they used starting fluid - it is hopefully what makes sense of it


      ---In triumphtrophy@yahoogroups.com, <techshare26@...> wrote:

      Thanks. I was hoping to somehow stay away from doing any major adjustments to the carb before I actually got it running again. That's actually sorta what put my bike out of comm for so long. I had taken things apart to do what I think was a valve adjustment. However, I never did it, and just took it apart and left in a carboard box in garage with the bike. I think I lost a few screws along the way too, but was pretty sure the carb itself was intact as it was when the bike was running OK.


      Is there anyone selling or any way to get my hands on this service manual without spending a lot of $$$? I have the haynes manual (and the one for the older trophy which I mistakenly bought years ago), but I never did get this TSM or the "GBoH" (whatever that is?).

      ---In triumphtrophy@yahoogroups.com, <gordon.smith29@...> wrote:

      It is also IMPERATIVE that there is the correct amount of FREE PLAY (3mm) in both the Choke and Throttle cables.

      If there isn't enough free play the you won't know when the choke or throttle is fully closed which will affect adjustments to the slow running screw on the carbs

      GBoH #2162 or the Triumph Service Manual fully cover the carb synchronisation - which needs to be done (with the fuel tank removed) when the engine has reached normal operating temperature.
      It assumes all other things are done correctly, such as Pilot Air Screws and Needle Valve positions identical in all (properly cleaned and serviced) carbs, valve clearances, spark plug gaps, air filter, cable free-play and using an auxillary fuel supply

      Just saying...

      Gordon 2xBBB 1xTiger 800
      Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK

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      > Don't do anything until you talk to Bob. You can sync them on the bike. The sync screws are on the linkage between the carbs with the philips screw heads on top.
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