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8198Tony Angco

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  • h.j.p.fick
    Sep 2, 2001
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      >>Reading all the tributes, I wonder if it an idea to print them all
      off and send to his good lady. She will be distraught at this present
      time, but perhaps later it may be of some comfort for her to know
      just how highly people on this list valued his presence and warm

      I have never seen a bad word said against Tony; only good. He
      contributed a lot to this world, if our own group is a yardstick.

      As List Administrator, I am happy to write an appropriate covering
      letter if members feel it would be an good move. I would need his
      address as well. What do people think?
      Somehow, I don't feel like riding my bike today....>>


      I fully agree with your words and support your idea.

      Henk Fick
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