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  • chris palmer
    Oct 2 6:31 AM
      Thanks Rick!

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      Date: Friday, October 2, 2009, 7:04 AM


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      > While at my local Triumph dealer, i came across a set of Triumph hand defectors for a Trophy. but there was no instructions in the package. Has anyone ever fit these?


      I put them on mine quit a few years ago, and they help a little to direct the wind outward away from you body and hands. You are correct on the mouunting. There are two screws - you drill a hole in the windscreen for one screw from behind, and the other hole uses the uppermost windscreen screw.

      They only fit the stock 9 hole windscreen, since they conform to the windscreen shape itself. I'll try to take some pics when I can. Although my machine is a 2000, I found an older 9 hole upper fairing and repainted it, and went back to the 9 hole flip top windscreen. I found that that screen, along with a laminar lip type thing at the top, was quieter and more stable than the newer style. That, plus the hand deflectors, has been a good setup for me over the years.

      Rick Hartwick

      00 Trophy 900

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