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65508Re: [TriumphTrophy] Won't Start (redux) - Trip scheduled in two days!!!!!

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  • apsllp@bellsouth.net
    Oct 1, 2008
      At 10 Volts the initial problem is 100% Remember this is not a Magneto and points or a condenser and points ignition. The computer will not fire the plugs at this voltage.

      If you crank your engine at 10 volts, you risk severe damage to the starter and it's Sprag Clutch. Look in the files as this is an expensive repair should you damage it. This has been discussed here at nausium.

      Now that you have continued to try starting when the ignitor can't possibly fire the plugs you have most likely fouled your spark plugs.

      While you have the tank of Install new spark plugs. Go to Walmart (Or your favorite battery store) annd sped $45.00 for a new battery.

      You can't trouble shoot without a Fresh Battery. If you look in the Triumph Service manual it tells you the smae thing. It is ALWAYS the #1 thing to look at if you are sure thre is fresh gas in the tank. Charging the Battery will do no good as even if you get it to "POP" it won't have enough in it to fire all of the plugs and you will foul them again.

      I recomend against "Jum" starting for the same reason. In addition as soon as it dies or shuts down and you are away from your shop you will be stranded again for all of the above mentioned reasons. GO BUY A BATTERY FIRST.

      Do you have nology coils?
      Do you keep your battery on a maintainer? (If you don't keep it on a maintainer it ill not live more than about 2 years)

      Do you have the Service manual?

      Bob Clark
      01 Sunset Red Trophy 1200
      96 Magna Red Honda PC-800
      Jacksonville, FL / Augusta, GA

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