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60769Re: Trophy 900 WANTED

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  • Greg Andrews
    Nov 19, 2007
      Hi Dom, Good to see you're interested in the right kind of bike. The
      older models are little more sportier, less wind protection, and a bit
      faster at the top end. Why so picky on the mileage? I'd rather have a
      well cared for bike, than one that's been sitting around for months and
      ignored. Things such as seals dry out because of lack of use. My '96
      900 BRG with 65,000 miles runs as good as new. And my '95 900
      Nightshade with 222,000 miles can still out preform the green bike.
      Greg Andrews

      "Dominic Walshe" wrote:
      I'm looking for either an early 92/93 model or interested in the later
      96 and onwards models. ideally lowish mileage around 20,000 not much
      more, and in good condition.
      Many thanks, Dom
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