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59297Re: [TriumphTrophy] Help! I need fork advice!

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    Aug 1, 2007
      A typo should read steel

      Wm Snyder <snydhack@...> wrote: What's a stell rod?

      C BENNETT <triumph595@...> wrote: Hi Eric I have just replaced my fork my fork tubes its quite a straightforward job do it now while the bodywork is off but you will need two special tools
      1) A fork seal/bush drift (about £50 UK)
      2) A damper rod extractor (I made mine by welding a 30mm nut either end of a 20 inch stell rod
      you will also need
      2x fork tubes (about £110 each)
      2x fork seals (about £10)
      fork oil

      Eric Nefflen <deepsea@...> wrote:
      I need some advice from the collective.. I'm in the process of putting my
      Trophy back together after a 'minor' crash last month, so getting this fixed
      quickly isn't as important as just getting it right for a reasonable price.
      When I bought the bike last year it had been parked in a garage for a few
      years before I found it. The forks had substantial surface rust and the
      chrome was cracking in some places, but not flaking off. I sanded them down
      with progressively finer sandpaper, and it slowed the leaking oil seals but
      didn't solve leaks. So now that the bike is out of commission for a little
      while I wait for painting and some other minor body work to be completed,
      I'd like to properly fix the forks.

      So what do you all think? Should I just replace the fork seals, change the
      oil, and cross my fingers or are there some other options I should consider?
      Replacement Triumph brand forks would run me about $1500, a little more than
      I'm willing to spend right now.

      I should say that the wreck didn't damage the forks, they're strait. They
      do have some small cracks in the chrome that you can (barely) feel if you
      run your had up and down them.



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