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57594Re: Seating height-Will I fit?

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  • Ed Walden
    Apr 1, 2007
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      Once you learn the tech the bike is easy to put on a center stand.
      At 5'9 and above and with a 30" inseam you should be able to reach
      the ground on mid sole. Those are my measurements as well.
      Especially with loose clothing. There are a multitude of seats that
      will give you that extra edge if you need to lower the ride a bit. I
      will not lower mine. I am afraid of losing the ride of the bike. As
      for your method of parking the bike you should be able to do it
      sitting on the bike but if you do it the way you say you do there
      should be no problem. The 900 weighs a bit less then the 1200 and I
      manhandle mine (1200) on occasion but never by choice. I even once
      brought it up from almost the ground with one leg once. I have the
      memories of pain in my head for a life time. Ed

      I usually never try and park my bikes while sitting on them (unless
      they are
      > low and light like the new Bonneville). I generally put the side
      stand down,
      > get off the bike and then walk it back into a parking spot and the
      > use the side or center stand. How difficult is the 900 Trophy to
      > this way? How difficult is it to put the bike on the center stand?
      > Lenny
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