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57584Re: Seating height-Will I fit?

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  • shodan64
    Apr 1, 2007
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      For me, stopping at lights, in traffic, etc. I have no problems. I am
      about 75% flat footed with sneakers on (slide up REAL close to the gas
      tank, she likes that). Just use your feet for basic left/right balance
      and make sure you don't stop on an incline that runs perpendicular to
      the bike. If that is unavoidable, you have to lean the bike up hill or
      you WILL be replacing the blinker and swearing at fairing blemishes.

      As far a parking goes, if there is an incline I ride the bike up the
      slope and let the bike roll back into place. If it's level, you
      shouldn't have an issue. Personally, I think it's harder to park the
      bike when out of the saddle. Even in my garage I stay in the saddle
      and k-turn it until I'm backing into its spot. Then I get off with
      the side stand down.

      Pulling her onto the center stand is just a matter of leverage. Left
      hand on the handle bar, center her upright, pull the right hand lever
      out (connected to the bike frame), step on the center stand and pull!
      Make sure not to step too heavily on the center stand foot lever. It
      will bend. Try to keep most of your weight on the heal of your foot.

      These are the type of issues that prevented the Trophy from being a
      top seller and thus her demise on the production line. But in my
      opinion, the performance of this machine is worth learning how to
      handle her. We have to put special work in to keep our fine Ladies
      happy too! :)


      --- In TriumphTrophy@yahoogroups.com, Lenny <motoleo@...> wrote:
      ... without your thick soled shoes and at a standstill (like at a
      traffic light) are you able to have both feet on the ground?
      I usually never try and park my bikes while sitting on them (unless
      they are low and light like the new Bonneville). I generally put the
      side stand down, get off the bike and then walk it back into a parking
      spot and the either use the side or center stand. How difficult is the
      900 Trophy to maneuver this way? How difficult is it to put the bike
      on the center stand?
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