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51454Re: Handle Bar Up Grades - My design

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  • Joe Mullins
    Mar 1, 2006
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      I went the GEnMar route...I had the bike lowered and realized that I
      could put on a second set of risers. Now Im very comfortable. I
      havn't dropped the bike since...well ok once in the garage..but that
      was my kids fault with his bike in the way and all.

      Do keep an eye on the chain guard as after I lowered mine it made
      short work and was close to the swingarm. Seems to be ok now with the
      larger sproket


      --- In TriumphTrophy@yahoogroups.com, "Grace" <gvanpelt@...> wrote:
      > I would be nice if every bike would "fit" all riders, but they do
      > not. A modification of some sort has been made on every bike I have
      > ever owned. Some very minor, and some very drastic.
      > The most drastic is the modifications that I have made to my 96 1200
      > Trophy. I was thinking about GenMar risers, but I was not willing
      > to pay the price for them, so I decided to hold off.
      > I joined this site after a telephone discussion with a man from
      > Colorado who had lowered his Trophy. He got the information on how
      > to do that on this site. I lowered my Trophy the full amount that
      > the modification outlined on this site would allow. I have seen no
      > problems with this modification, it helped me a great deal. I am a
      > 5'9" lady. I am pretty long legged, but wanted to get a
      > better "grip" on the ground with my boots when pushing the bike
      > around in the garage and parking lots. In lowering the front of the
      > bike, the fork tubes came out further. I have a set of custom
      > aluminum risers now that were machined by a friend of mine. We
      > installed the handlebars in a position that allowed them to clamp
      > over the fork tubes as normal with the tops of the fork tubs coming
      > through the handle bar clamp only as far as the "cap" (About
      > 1/16"). We then measured the distance from the bottom of the handle
      > bar clamp to the tree, and made the risers that thick (About 1
      > 1/2"). The risers are built in the profile of the handlebar clamp
      > with a hole for the fork tubes all the way through, and a
      > countersunk hole for the bolt. (I had to obtain a longer bolt.)
      > Therefore my handlebars clamp to the fork tubes as normal, and the
      > bolt goes through to the tree as normal. I tightened all of the
      > bolts down good. I then modified the plastic cover so it would fit
      > around the risers as I also saw on this site.
      > SO.... Keep the information coming. I have used two modifications
      > from this site, and enjoy reading all of the posts, questions,
      > answers. I have learned a great deal from the members of this site.
      > In this law suite happy world, we must all understand that if we
      > make a modification to our bikes, we are taking our own risk. No
      > one twisted my arm to make the modifications, and I believe that
      > there is already a disclaimer imcluded with every post.
      > Good riding!
      > Tuffy
      > --- In TriumphTrophy@yahoogroups.com, "Gregory Andrews"
      > <greg95ns@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Rick,
      > > I think it was Shakespeare who said for the good of the
      > > country a lawyer should be hanged each day in the public square.
      > As
      > > for those folks who wrote, "How do you know it's better?" I guess
      > > that question shows their ignorance. The answer is: The riser tube
      > > extention is SECURE.
      > > In Gen Mar's stock form the grub screws are useless, mine vibrated
      > > out last year. The only thing holding the handle bar is the one
      > long
      > > screw going into the top triple tree.
      > > With your set up, the handle bar clamps around the secured tube
      > > extention. This attachment is so secure the only reason for the
      > long
      > > screw is to keep the handle bar from twisting around tube.
      > > Thanks for your input. I understand your silence.
      > >
      > > Last year I saw the problem but went to fix it in another way. My
      > > bike is setup a little differently. 3 years ago I lifted the fork
      > > tubes 10mm in the triple tree. I used my mill to plane off 10mm
      > from
      > > the riser. That exposed about 20mm of fork tube to continue up
      > into
      > > the handle bar, I wished it were more. Gen Mar's stock extention
      > > tube was now too long, so I cut it in half.
      > >
      > > Yours is a better fix. Planing away part of the riser isn't
      > > necessary. More secured metal is there for the handle bar to clamp
      > > onto. The recessed screws hold your custom tube extention down
      > into
      > > the riser and prevent them from turning. The recessed screws and
      > > custom tube extentions are not in view giving it all a stock
      > > appearance. Excellent.
      > >
      > > When this all started I was keenly interested in the idea. Then
      > you
      > > posted the pictures with the countersunk screws. Now I understood.
      > > I had asked how deep was the bore into the riser? Would you mind
      > > sending me that measurement? I'm guessing a half inch.
      > > Thanks for posting your modification.
      > > Greg Andrews
      > > '96 900 BRG & '95 900 Nightshade
      > > P.S. The Home page to this group explains our purpose. Part of it
      > > says, "To share modifications"....
      > >
      > >
      > > "b25bsaboy" wrote:
      > > I have appreciated the positive comments and the negative
      > comments.
      > > The last one from Bob was well intentioned, so much so that I am
      > now
      > > taking the ideas and removing them from this board, because I
      > don't
      > > need some one deciding to sue me for a design change that I made
      > to
      > > suite my Triumph Trophy.
      > > Sorry guys, I am now silent!
      > >
      > > Rick MacPherson
      > >
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