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42573Re: New Avons

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  • Gordon
    Nov 2, 2004
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      "Phillip Koken" <phil@k...> wrote:
      ........I have the "B" variant tires and I really like them
      I would like to try those (FJR special) tires since the FJR & the
      Trophy are similar in weight and size.
      > Phillip Koken


      I've seen (in UK) an Avon list of recommended fitments, and the "B"
      tyres were listed for bikes like the Yamaha R1. You don't find they
      give any stability problems (like death weaves at speed) ?
      Recommended for the Trophy was the standard 170/60. If there is a
      special for the heavier FJR 1300, I would expect that to suit the
      Trophy better than the "B" version, but I'm going to stick with
      Avon's listed fitment and see how that goes. If they work even as
      well as my BT020s I'll be happy. Any performance improvement would be
      a bonus.

      Cheers, Gordon.
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