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42555Re: New Avons

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  • Richard
    Nov 1, 2004
      Guys -
      I just wanted to echo the others here. Put on a set of
      Avon AV45/46 tires just this weekend to replace the worn
      out ContiForce tires the bike came to me with. I was
      really torn up because the Contis were fairly impressive,
      but the Avons are far, far better. Very inspiring in the
      confidence department.

      While 2 up with my son, my solo pal following on a Harley
      drifted off the road in a curve trying to keep up. He's OK
      and this is not the way I usually test tires, but until
      then I hadn't realized the Avons had subtracted a couple
      of seconds from a favorite road course!

      I was torn between the softer AV49/50, but I'm glad now
      I didn't go that way. The AV45/46 are very soft on the
      sides when warm. Can't wait to see the total milage!

      Satisfied in Suwanee

      --- In TriumphTrophy@yahoogroups.com, "kcmmib" <kcmmib@y...>
      > Thanks to this group for recommending the Avon tires.
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