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1Changes for 99 vs 98

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  • mwhurst@xxxx.xxx.xxx
    Sep 4, 1999
      I understand you are the tech guru of sorts on Trophys. I have a questions
      regading bars. The book says there is a bar change from 98 to 99. The only
      difference that is mentioned is that they are aluminum for 99. Is there any
      other difference and if so are they worth changing to? Height or angle
      better? I have ridden a 99 1200 but not a 1998 so have nothing to compare to.
      Thanks Mike Birdwell
      "Some may say that slow is good - and they may be right on some days - but I
      am here to tell you that fast is better ... It will always be better to be
      shot out of a cannon than squeezed out of a tube, and that's why God made
      fast motorcycles, Bubba."
      Hunter S. Thompson
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