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10506Tony Angco

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  • Ken Hastie
    Dec 3, 2001
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      On 3 Dec 01 at 8:15, texan wrote:

      > I do not know if this list knows, But Tony A. died a few months ago.
      > He was a very close and dear friend of mine. In fact I bought his
      > 1200 Trophy from his widow, who also died a month ago...

      Yes, we did know. It was a tremendous shock to us all. If you were a
      friend, you may care to read some of the tributes to Tony posted in
      the archives. He made one big impression on us all.

      To hear that his widow died shortly afterwards absolutely astounded
      us. I had promised the list I would write to her (after things
      settled) and enclose some of the nice tributes. Just as I was
      preparing this, we heard of her death also.

      Carpe Diem, I guess

      Ken the Geordie
      List Administrator
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