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  • valerie_heinzen
    Hi, my name s Valerie Heinzen and I ve just recently joined the group. America s energy companies are not just ripping us off, they re creating a disaster of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2006
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      Hi, my name's Valerie Heinzen and I've just recently joined the
      group. America's energy companies are not just ripping us off,
      they're creating a disaster of biblical proportion. I'm reading a
      scientifically documented article concerning an American city that has
      been literally burned off the map by an underground fire that has
      burned continuously for forty five years, and now threatens other
      cities. This is not an imaginary fire, it was an actual American
      city. The story is told by using photos that show the fire's
      progression over the years, until finally, the entire city was turned
      into a blazing inferno that historians describe as a burning hell.

      This is the link I used to get the article I'm referring to.



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