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Invite from Carolina Ballet for Waltzes of Old Vienna show this wkend in Raleigh

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  • Chris Imershein
    Carolina Ballet has issued a special invitation for Triangle Vintage Dancers (anyone who has attended a class, a Mostly Waltz dance, or the Victorian Ball --
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2008
      Carolina Ballet has issued a special invitation for Triangle Vintage
      Dancers (anyone who has attended a class, a Mostly Waltz dance, or
      the Victorian Ball -- or intended to!) to come see:

      Waltzes of Old Vienna
      April 10-13
      Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts
      (formerly Raleigh Memorial Auditorium, aka BTI Center, aka ...)

      Depending on how many people are interested, we MIGHT be able to get
      some extra discounts as well (Note that any discounts are not valid
      for previously purchased tickets and are subject to ticket

      Please email me (chris@...) ASAP if you think
      you might be interested (not a commitment at this point) or if you
      already are planning to attend a specific performance. That way we
      can possibly "meetup" if attending the same show. (See more details

      Besides the program itself, there are also nightly (or daily in the
      case of matinees) "meetups" for meals before the show that you can
      participate in to meet other dance enthusiasts. It could be
      interesting to go to one of those and see if we could get some
      ballet / dance fans interested in waltzing and vintage dance!

      The Carolina Ballet "meetup" info is at

      Information on the show itself is at

      Here is some more specific information that I found out:

      There are four ballets on the program. Waltzes is one of them. It is
      all Strauss music. All waltz -- except one polka. The other three
      ballets are Grosse Fuge, Endymion's Sleep, and A Classical Ballet.

      The publicity person from the Ballet described it as a nice,
      balanced program that should be enjoyable for most anyone, but the
      Waltzes section (about ~45 mins) might be of particular interest for
      us. For her, A Classical Ballet is her fave of the four.

      The Waltzes section does feature mostly couples waltzing (as opposed
      to just solo ballet dancers).

      She wasn't sure if there would be exact historical steps (such as
      Redowa, Mazurka, or La Koska), but she said ballet does draw heavily
      on folk dancing, so she thought it likely that there might be
      something similar.

      I haven't gotten definite feedback about costuming, but she thought
      they were probably interpretations, not necessarily historically

      The show is about 2 – 2.5 hours, with 2 intermissions.

      Regular ticket prices range from $18 - $59, with the average ticket
      being about $35. Possibly discounts TBA.

      Shows are this Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8pm
      and Saturday and Sunday at 2pm

      Please email me ASAP if you are interested:
      Name / Email (if not obvious):
      Cell phone:
      Already attending this date/time:
      Willing to help coordinate on the show date?
      Willing to help coordinate these responses?
      Number of potential new tickets?
      Preferred seating/price? (cheap, mid-range, or best available)
      Most preferred show date(s)/time(s)?
      Dates/times you cannot attend?

      [I'm not sure yet if Dawn and/or I will be able to attend due to
      other conflicts, so if someone else is willing to act as a contact
      and coordinate meeting with people before / after the show and/or
      willing to coordinate who can attend on which date, that would be
      GREAT! Please let me know.]

      Chris Imershein
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