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New waltz classes, Tue 2/5; Mostly Waltz dance, Sat 2/16

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  • Chris Imershein
    New Series of Waltz classes start Tues, Feb 5th Now is the time if you ve always wanted to learn how to waltz, or if you re a follower who would like to learn
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2008
      New Series of Waltz classes start Tues, Feb 5th

      Now is the time if you've always wanted to learn how to waltz, or if
      you're a follower who would like to learn how to lead, or someone
      who knows a bit of waltz, but would like to make it easier and more

      Rescheduled Mostly Waltz dance - Sat, Feb 16th


      Beginning Turning Waltz class series
      Advanced Cross-Step Waltz class series
      Tuesdays, Feb 5 - 26
      [Pre-reg discounts postmarked by 2/2]
      7:30-8:30pm and 8:30-9:30pm

      Mostly Waltz Dance
      Sat, Feb 16th

      Victorian Ball
      Sat, March 29th

      More details below or see:


      New 4 week series on Tuesdays, Feb 5th - 26th
      Classes are at Legacy Studios, 608 North Duke Street, Durham
      Directions on website (near Brightleaf Square, downtown Durham)
      No partner needed

      7:30-8:30pm Beginning Turning Waltz

      If you would like to learn how to turn smoothly with a partner
      around the dance floor, whether you've never danced before or
      whether you already know some waltz, then this is the class for you!
      This class will cover the basics of the rotary turning waltz. This
      waltz style is often done at contra and folk dances and is
      appropriate for a wide range of moderate tempo waltzes. While the
      rotary turning waltz originated in the Victorian era, this class
      will focus on more modern styling and will emphasize the lead /
      follow connection that is essential for partner dancing to feel
      smooth and effortless.

      No dance experience needed for this class.
      NOTE: Our beginning waltz classes sometimes fill up, so pre-
      registration is recommended (see below).

      8:30-9:30pm Advanced Cross-Step Waltz

      Learn some new snazzy variations involving pivots, foot fudges, and
      other advanced techniques. Previous Cross-Step Waltz experience
      required. If you want to join the class and do not know Cross-Step
      Waltz basics, you may book a private lesson to get up to speed
      before the class begins.

      $40/person for a 4 wk session of a 1 hr class
      $36 pre-reg rate if paid by Feb 2nd
      $30 for high school or college students [up to age 25]
      $64/person pre-reg discount if you would like to take both classes
      back to back [paid by 2/2]

      You can use a credit card with PayPal (email for an invoice) or you
      can mail in a check to pre-register (call or email for address).
      Note that credit cards cannot be accepted at the door -- cash or
      checks only.

      Call 919-9-DANCE-2 [932-6232] or email info@...
      for additional info.


      RESCHEDULED from January 19th. Hopefully Mother Nature (and the
      weather forecasters) will give us a clear evening this time around.

      Join us in the early evening for 2 hours of great waltzing!
      Location: Triangle Dance Studio - Miami Blvd., RTP
      [See directions on website]
      Time: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
      Price: $7/person ($5 students)

      The evening will feature a mix of fast and slow music to accommodate
      the many styles of waltz, including slow melodies for modern
      Ballroom and Cross-Step, moderate tempos for Rotary and Contra/Folk
      Waltz as well as some faster tunes for Viennese Waltz. The music
      will vary widely and will include genres such as Rock, Celtic,
      Latin, Cajun, Folk, Techno, New Age and/or World music.

      Although the evening is dedicated to mostly waltz, once in a while
      the mix may include a tune from another dance style such as Swing,
      Tango, One-Step/Blues, Foxtrot, Polka, Schottische, etc.

      No pre-registration required -- just show up, pay at the door, and
      have a fun evening!

      [Sometimes dancers also like to go out to dinner as a group
      afterwards. With the early evening event time, you may also have
      time to catch a movie or attend another dance as well!]

      Next Mostly Waltz dance:
      Saturday, Apr. 19th, 2008

      Private lessons or special workshops also possible. Ask about
      wedding choreographies.
      Have fun dancing whatever styles you enjoy!

      Chris Imershein
      Triangle Vintage Dance
      919-9-DANCE-2 [932-6232]
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