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  • djahn
    Nov 3, 2005
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      I wanted to welcome you to the group.  I’m working 12 hour days until the end of next week.  After that, I will have more time for formulating and implementing action plans.


      Tessa Rose’s trial starts this coming Monday.  That is in my corner of the nation.  I will work to see if we can get someone starting Monday.


      Bear with me for the next week.  Then we can turn our focus on getting triallogs.com up and running.  We also need ideas for improving the service and maintaining order on the blog.  We may need to formulate a written comment policy recognizing that the government types appear to be doing all they can to agitate the group.


      Hopefully, we’ll be getting Irwin’s transcript soon.


      Keep the faith,


      David Jahn




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      Sorry, Mark -- I won't be available for that.  But let me know if there is something I can do here locally (Kansas City).  I'm always interested in meeting others in my area actively doing battle with the govt.


      mjyannone@... wrote:

      Hello, Chuck.  Welcome to the group.


      We are looking for folks to serve as trial reporters in Pensacola, Florida, when Dr. Ward Dean's trial begins.


      Mark Yannone


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      Just a brief hello.


      Chuck Schneider

      Retired Naval Officer

      2001 NW 82nd Court

      Kansas City, MO 64151



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