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Dandelion 2010 Registration

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  • Shauna Aura
    Greetings Reclaimers! I m excited to announce that registration is open for the Dandelion 2010 gathering, Sept. 8-12 at Diana s Grove in Missouri. Rates and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2010
      Greetings Reclaimers!

      I'm excited to announce that registration is open for the Dandelion 2010 gathering, Sept. 8-12 at Diana's Grove in Missouri. Rates and information are below.


      We come together to co-create a reunion of reclaiming witches - elder, new, and all in between we celebrate our connections to the seen and unseen, we remember our roots, and  bloom brightly, becoming the seeds of our own harvest.


      $330 -- 5 days/4 nights, cabin space and meals
      $280 -- 5 days/4 nights, tenting and meals
      $230 -- 3 days/2 nights, cabin space and meals
      $180 -- 3 days/2 nights, cabin space and meals

      Registration is available online at:

      And more information will soon be posted at
      www.dandeliongathering.orgincluding workshops, and other offerings at the gathering.

      Partial Scholarships/Solidarity funds will be available on a first-come first-served basis. Further details are on the registration form. As part of our Outreach efforts, the Dandelion team will also help connect people to rides, camping gear, and other resources needed to help bring more Reclaiming folks to this gathering.

      We hope you will join us!



      Dandelion Gathering


      Dates: September 8-12, 2010

      Location: Diana’s Grove, near Salem Missouri


      What is Dandelion?

      Dandelion is a gathering of the tribes within the Reclaiming tradition. Occurring every two years, Dandelion is an open-format event that has been hosted in the Southwest, the Northeast, the Bay Area, and now the Midwest. It’s a place for Reclaiming-identified witches to come together, and hang out, share ideas, and celebrate life. It is a magical cauldron of limitless possibility which is shaped in the moment by the needs and desires of those who are present. It is four days of creating the world in which we wish to live.


      What happens at Dandelion?

      The programming of Dandelion comes together from you, the community of participants. At the Dandelion Gatherings in the past, there have been rituals, workshops, talent shows, and time to connect together as a community. What would you like to see at the next Dandelion Gathering? Are there workshops or rituals you’d like to offer, or like to request that someone facilitate? Also, the Dandelion Gathering hosts the BIRCH Meeting.


      What is BIRCH?

      The Broad Inter-Reclaiming Council Hub is a meeting that takes place during Dandelion and is a format to support many voices from across the Reclaiming tradition to be heard together. The intention of this assembly is to deal with wider issues in the Reclaiming tradition, nurture seeds of connection, communication, facilitate resource-sharing and skill building, and in general offer a way for Reclaiming practitioners to come together and grow our community. The meeting is open to any Reclaiming-identified individual or group.


      What is Diana’s Grove like?

      Diana’s Grove retreat center has been the host to the Midwest Witch Camp for many years. It is 142 acres of lush Ozark woodland with cabins, camping, a labyrinth, ritual areas, a creek, a hot tub, and amazing food. You can find pictures of the land, and more information about Diana’s Grove, at www.dianasgrove.com


      Spring Blessings,

      Dandelion 2010 organizing team

      Jason Muck, Jennifer Byers, Sayre Vickers, Shauna Aura
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