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Re: New Forums for TCG - Beta Testing Over

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  • doxies3nme
    Two additional features of the new forums: in addition to being able to subscribe to topics of interest to you and get emails each time new posts are added
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 2, 2008
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      Two additional features of the new forums: in addition to being able
      to "subscribe" to topics of interest to you and get emails each time
      new posts are added to those areas, you can also choose to configure
      your individual profile to get emails each time there is a new post
      in any thread in which you have posted. Also, the forum has the
      ability to send mass emails to all of the registered users - that
      way, important news and notices can be sent simultaneously to all
      users so no one gets left out. Hop on over and check em out...we've
      received a number of comments from folks who are really pleased with
      the new format (and had a lot of fun with it, too).

      --- In TriCitiesGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "vatechnoteacher"
      <childres@...> wrote:
      > Back in December at the Holidaze at Bays event, a new format for
      > posting messages to an official forum group was released for the
      > group. At that time it was in beta testing for two months to make
      > sure that all the bells and whistles were working.
      > The beta testing period is officially over now and the present
      > steering committee members (when they last discussed the move)
      > to migrate the group over to the new format officially at the end of
      > February. If you have noticed a slow-down in messages here, that is
      > because the threads there are well-populated with information and
      > discussions instead.
      > Please go to:
      > http://www.tricitiesgeocachers.org/
      > Click on the forum link and join the new message boards.
      > The group webpage has been active for over a year now, though
      > not all that well-advertised.
      > You'll find that many of the topics that are at times discussed here
      > will be found there--the good news is that the posts will remain so
      > that discussions from the past will be found there so that new
      > will have an easier time catching up on the past history of the
      > discussions.
      > There are open public areas and a very limited area only open to TCG
      > members. In order to join the group here, you must use your
      > geocaching name as your 'handle'--no longer will we think we know
      > is posting a message only to find out later that they aren't using
      > their geocaching name and we have no clue who they are!
      > We have geo-threads involving upcoming group events, trips out of
      > town, puzzle solving, resources for geocaching, thoughts and
      > related to the game and a spot for Off-Topic fun as well (seems like
      > I've seen something akin to 1 million caches on the loose or
      > like that). Come join the fun!
      > You won't have to worry about having all the email generated by
      > forums once this area has been discontinued (as some of you have
      > commented when expressing negatives about this format)--with the new
      > forums you will be able to view the discussions in the new area when
      > it is convenient to you. New discussions will show up to you
      in 'red'
      > and areas where you begin or participate in discussions can be sent
      > you as email alerts if you choose. There is also the ability to
      > instant messages to others in private if you choose.
      > See you there!
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