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  • L Brooks
    Item Start End Price Title High Bidder/Status 5655333605 Jan-11-06 Jan-18-06 06:03:31 $2.00 AVON Clearskin® Color Changing Mask No Bids Yet
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2006
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      ItemStartEndPriceTitleHigh Bidder/Status
      5655333605Jan-11-06Jan-18-06 06:03:31$2.00AVON Clearskin® Color Changing MaskNo Bids Yet
      7211067920Jan-11-06Jan-18-06 06:05:06$4.00AVON Bally Total Fitness® Digital PedometerNo Bids Yet
      7211068042Jan-11-06Jan-18-06 06:05:48$4.00AVON Bally Total Fitness® Digital PedometerNo Bids Yet
      5655334790Jan-11-06Jan-18-06 06:09:21$2.00AVON Glazewear Liquid Lip Color NEW Teddy BearNo Bids Yet
      5655334799Jan-11-06Jan-18-06 06:09:24$2.00AVON Glimmersticks Eyeliner Cosmic BrownNo Bids Yet
      5655334807Jan-11-06Jan-18-06 06:09:26$2.00AVON NEW Daring Curves Mascara in BLACKNo Bids Yet
      5655334817Jan-11-06Jan-18-06 06:09:28$1.50mark. Blending Brush (Avon)No Bids Yet
      5655334827Jan-11-06Jan-18-06 06:09:30$1.50mark. Concealer Brush (Avon)No Bids Yet
      5655334832Jan-11-06Jan-18-06 06:09:32$1.50mark. Eyeliner Brush (Avon)No Bids Yet
      5655339242Jan-11-06Jan-18-06 06:28:16$2.00mark. Comb Out Last Lifting Mascara NEWNo Bids Yet
      5655339252Jan-11-06Jan-18-06 06:28:19$1.50mark. Invisible Touch Perfecting Concealer Light NEWNo Bids Yet
      5655346978Jan-11-06Jan-18-06 07:03:13$1.50Avon Orange Jelly Makeup Bag Brand NEW!0 Dutch bids
      5655346987Jan-11-06Jan-18-06 07:03:16$1.50AVON Pink Heart Cosmetic Case - BRAND NEW!!No Bids Yet
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