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FS- Films for Families: Les Mis,Buttercream Gang, Veggie Tales, Little Princess, 8 Vol Set of Life of Christ

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  • gary--deb@juno.com
    Shipping is $2.13 for one video, $3 for 2-3, or $5 for 4-7, $6 for 8 -12, $7 for 13 - 15, $8 for 16 or more cc= closed captioned ... LES MISERABLES, The
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2008
      Shipping is $2.13  for one video, $3 for 2-3, or $5 for 4-7, $6 for 8 -12, $7 for 13 - 15, $8 for 16 or more 
      cc= closed captioned
      LES MISERABLES, The Musical That Swept the World, in concert, Features the entire 10th Anniversary Performance including exclusive footage- never broadcast on television, The Dream Cast, Cameron Mackintosh, based on the novel by Victor Hugo, this was a previous library video, $8
      CALL OF THE WILD, AND JULIUS CAESAR, CHARLTON HESTON, double video pack, also Richard Chamberlain, Robert Vaughn, Diana Rigg, George Eastman, Maria Rohm, Michelle Mercier, Raymond Harmstorf, Call of Wild is 100 min and Caesar is 116 min, both in color, exc cond, $10
      VEGGIE TALES: LYLE THE KINDLY VIKING, A Lesson in Sharing, exc cond, cc,$4
      THE SOUND OF MUSIC, Digitally Mastered, 5 academy awards including best picture, cc, 175 min, in case, my favorite movie of all time,  $10
      A LITTLE PRINCESS, WB Family Entertainment, starring Eleanor Bron and Liam Cunningham, Liesel Matthews, beautiful movie, case, cc, $9
      TWEETY AND FRIENDS, 4 color animated cartoons, color, 30 min, $4
      DAVY CROCKETT,  KING OF THE WILD FRONTIER, WALT DISNEY'S studio film collection , 93 min, closed captioned, this is an older classic movie, $9
      DAVY CROCKETT, American Tall Tales and Legends, Shelley Duvall Presents, starring Mac Davis, McLean Stevenson and Adam Carl, ages 4 and up, 49 min, xlib, $5
      THE BUTTER CREAM GANG, Good kids, small town fun, and upconditional love for a struggling friend, 1992 Feature Films for Families,'' $6
      DARBY O'GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE, Walt Disney Studio Film Collection, "Take a wee bit of ancient folklore, mix in some spectacular special effects and a magical cast (INCLUDING SEAN CONNERY), and you've got one of the most enchanting fantasies of all time!" leprechaun, violin, and Darby O'Gill make a terrific story, rated G, cc, 90 min, collectible, unusual to find, original cover, $12
      BABE,  MCA Universal , Clam Shell case, 'This is the story of an unprejudiced heart and how it changed our valley forever," so begins Babe, a movie with a barnyard full of unforgettable characters who talk,... cc, 92 min, 1995, $8
      THE JUNGLE BOOK 2, Walt Disney, clam shell case, cc, rated G, animated, 72 min, a fun filled musical adventure with Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera and ther rest of the Jungle Book crew,  $8
      THE LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST, 8 VOLUME Video Set in Slipjacket, 24 Biblical Moments,  excellent condition, all in original cases, "This internationally acclaimed, live-action color series follows the life of the Lord Jesus Christ from Birth to the Lord's Ascension, VHS, color, videos vary from 41 minutes to 56 minutes long each, they include birth of John the Baptist, Birth of the Savior, Childhood of Jesus, Ministry of John the Baptist, First Disciples, Thy Sins are Forgiven, Woman at the Well, Jesus at Nazareth, Jesus and Fisherman, Jesus Teaches Forgiveness, Lord of Sabbath, Jesus and Lepers, I am the Resurrection, Transfiguration, Before Abraham I am, Last Journey to Jerusalem, 30 peices of Silver, Betrayal Gethsemana, Jesus Before High Priests, Trial before Pilate, Crucifixion, Nicodemus, Lord is Risen, Lord's Ascension,  Diamond pub, 1993, animated, $38 for the set
      LEFT BEHIND, THE MOVIE, from the runaway best-selling novel, Kirk Cameron, Brad Johnson, Chelsea Noble, Clarence Gilyard, xlib, $8
      THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, volume two, Giant Jack Rabbit and Granny's
      Spring Tonic, 52 min, video, classic black and white, $2
      CASPER'S CARTOON CLASSICS, THE Timeless SPirit of Friendship, 1995, 40 
      min, color, Celebrity Home Entertainment, video, $1

      4 FULLY ANIMATED KIDS' KARTOONS, Little Audrey, Casper, Porky Pig, Betty 
      Boop, 30 min,video, $1 
      Audio CD: How to Find Great Investments, tips for evaluating opportunities in Business and Real Estate, Kiyosaki and Lechter, audio CD, in case, used, free with any $20 purchase
      TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAMES, the classic song, no case, $1  
      THE KEITH GREEN COLLECTION CASSETTE: Rushing Wind, You put this Love in my Heart, Grace by WHich I stand, Your love breaks through, He'll take care of the rest, Lies, The Sheep and the Goats, Asleep in the Light, Soften your Heart, How can they Live with out Jesus, Scripture Medley, $3
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