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need to understand

Two years ago my husband was in a car accident. First they said he would not live, then when he lived they said he would not come out of his coma, then when
May 19, 2009

Re: new to group

Hi Katie, I had a re-injury to an already bad injury back in 2006. But I am progressing, in spite of doctors saying it will never be enough to put me back to
May 8, 2009

Re: new to group

Thanks for emailimg me terry. I didn't realize that my personality might have changed. Wow that makes sense. Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T ... From: Jerry Heath
May 8, 2009

Re: new to group

The thing that caused me the most pain is that my personality had changed from the TBI and I did not realize it. My friends and family did realize it and
Jerry Heath
May 7, 2009

Re: What We Need/Angelrose

Hi  Sabiesue   My son is now 16. He was 10 at the time of his injury. It has always amazed how quick doctors are to right him off and say he will never get
sherry setter
May 6, 2009

Re: What We Need/Anita

Thanks, Anita. I wonder if the situation is especially bad in California or all over the place (in the USA?) Perhaps the health reform being proposed in
May 5, 2009

Re: What We Need/Angelrose

Dear Angelrose, Yes. It is TBI also. I should explain. As far as I am concerned (and I know this may be a minority opinion in the USA, but not in many other
May 5, 2009

New to the Group

Hello everyone! I am so thrilled to see a TBI group. Thank goodness!!! We need some camaraderie. We are feeling like we are sort of 'hanging out there' on
Shirley Boike
May 5, 2009

new to group

Goodmorning. My name is Katie. I had a car accident May 2, 2007 that changed my life. I went from working at a bank to not being able to grade my daughters 2nd
May 5, 2009

Re: What We Need

... Sue you are so right on the money. but it is not just ABI TBI too. My son had a TBI 6 years ago now and MediCal pays for the supplies he needs but his
Apr 22, 2009

Re: What We Need

That was well said Sue. I can tell you when I moved from Orange County in Southern California to a small city here in Northern California I was in for a
Apr 22, 2009

What We Need

There are so many things that we in the brain injury community need, or some ofus need. Each person has different needs, to be sure. Just generally speaking, I
Apr 21, 2009

Re: new to the group / Good Morning

    I have never been told I could not do any thing right. I have been told that their was no way I could go back to school with so called normal people.
Scott Fraser
Apr 21, 2009

getting better

Hi, it took years for me to get better but a big part of my problem was the anti- seziure meds. The meds can really mess with everything that you mentioned.
Apr 21, 2009

Re: Franceil

thank you for posting your info on your son. my son was in an accident two weeks ago april 5, 2009 and has a serious tbi...he has a fractured skull and facial
Apr 21, 2009
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