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How Fit is Your Faith?

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    Transformed Living TURNING TRAGEDIES INTO TRIUMPH WITH THE TRUTH Volume 8, Issue 2 April 2010 ISSN: 1546-9727 Published by Pamela Christian Ministries and
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      Transformed Living


      Volume 8, Issue 2  April 2010

      ISSN: 1546-9727

      Published by

      Pamela Christian Ministries and Protocol, Ltd.

      In this issue: 
      A Personal Note from Pam – 

      Ministry News in the Making – Pam's Seminars Available Near You!

      Lead Story – What Do You Know About Your Faith?

      Prayer Corner – Partnering in Prayer

      Your Transformed Living Challenge – How Fit is Your Faith?

      Special Offer – Dealing with Loss?  Help is available…


      A Personal Note from Pam  –

      Dear Friends and Family,

      The recent high magnitude earthquakes around the globe have not only caused tragic destruction but they have also increased fear in many.  And understandably so!  I've live in California essentially all my life and I've never remained calm during an earthquake. 

      Add to that the increasing political events that threaten increase in wars and many are reminded what Scriptures say concerning the end times.  Mark 13:5-8, recording the very words of Jesus read, "Take heed that no one deceives you.  For many will come in my name saying, `I am He,' and deceive many.  But when you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be troubled; for such things must happen, bur the end is not yet.  For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.  And there will be earthquakes in various places, and there will be famines and troubles.  These are the beginning of sorrows."

      Shortly after the earthquake centered near the California-Mexico border, [which I felt big time!], I went on-line to learn more.  I came across an article at http:news.discovery.com/earth/so-many-earthquakes-the-end-is-nigh.html  The article "So Many Earthquakes!  The End is Nigh!"  by Michael Reilly was informative, but the comments are what caught my attention.

      A post from one man read, "I notice the article was a poke at the Christian faith…Just so you know, it is look up, for your REDEMPTION is NIGH or at HAND….My world is a promise to not fear the signs, but to know them and if indeed the end is near for many, it really starts to matter what and who you listen to….Read the bible and study the WORD."

      A post in reply to that read, "LOL! Fake gods claim they know and do all, yet we don't understand them, and they're not talking…whatever.  Look at the world/Universe for what it is…but my faith lies in mathematical calculations and solid theory where your "word" is based purely on faith alone, based on what someone else made up at the time."

      SCREETCH - What did he write?  I understand wanting to base your life on objective, verifiable evidence including mathematical calculations, but a "solid theory"?  That would be a "certain guess!"  I am not one who wants to live my life on that basis!  Clearly, the person who replied does not know diddly about the Bible. 

      There are so many people who are living their life on the basis of lies and they don't know it.  That's the nature of deception.  And not one of us can have any hope to discover the truth, unless someone who has the truth, helps us.  Of course I wrote a reply to him, and I truly hope that he decides to examine what he believes and why he believes it so that he will, I pray, find truth.

      Earthquakes, and wars and rumors of wars – the considerable political, economic, job and housing markets volatility—people today live with more fear than any other time in my life.  This spring I'll be speaking for two groups—a small one on the west coast and a considerably larger one on the east coast.  [If you're interested in the women's conference in Maine late June, send me an email for details.]  For both, the message is the same: the critical importance of having a faith that's sufficient to see us through any situation we face.  Is your faith overcoming your fears or are your fears overwhelming your faith? 

      With this edition of Transformed Living I will share with you some of what I will be presenting at the conferences.  We all need our hope encouraged now, so read on and feel free to share this ENewsletter in its entirety* with friends and family.

      Wanting only the best for you in Christ,

      Pam Christian

      *  Please remember this ENewsletter is copyright protected and only share in its entirety with proper credits.

      Pamela Christian Ministries

      Exposing the lies, revealing the truth, empowering the faithful.

      Speaking Ministry:  http://www.pamelachristianministries.com

      Teaching Ministry: What You Don't Know About Under and Unemployment  http://www.wydk.org

      ENewsletter Ministry Archives: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TransformedLiving


      Ministry News in the Making – Pam's Seminars Available Near You!

      Pam's seminars to help those under and unemployed have helped countless men and women with excellent instruction, compassionate encouragement and proven guidance.  Her pro-active seminar and optional workbook have provided renewed hope and direction, not only assisting people in their job hunt, but more importantly in reducing their losses by persevering their marriage and family, their mental, emotional and physical health and their spiritual perspective.  And she presents her seminars at no cost!  You can have this free seminar come to your community.  Inquire how by no later than March 30th, and if a booking is secured you can get a free copy of her workbook – a $45.00 value!  Go to http://www.wydk.org to learn more.  Email Pam direct writing "Transformed Living Seminar Inquiry" in the subject line at plchristian@... 



      Have you experienced what it is to be born-again – to be transformed by the Holy Spirit of God and be completely changed in your eternal spirit?  You can!  To learn more about this incredible free gift from God and know with certainty that you have fully embraced this eternal gift, visit http://www.pamelachristianministries.com/gift.asp


      Lead Story – What Do You Know About Your Faith?

      One's faith is only as dependable as its basis.  Our world-views and religious beliefs are shaped by our faith.  Our faith, determines how we live.  Our faith is the foundation of our lives, yet people give precious little thought to their faith. 

      Many are willing to live with conflicting beliefs, even knowing they are not in harmony.  It's like an attempt to have spiritual insurance—with multiple policies the hopes are that one is bound to be right.  But wouldn't you rather know for sure that your faith is solidly based on truth?  You can. 

      All faiths have documents of religious authority.  The Muslim faith has the Koran; the Buddhists have the Tripitaka, the Mormon's the Book of Mormon and so on.  These documents are the basis for the respective faiths.

      The Bible, unlike any other document of religious authority has withstood all the common critical proof tests ever applied.  No other document of religious authority can make this claim. 

      The earliest known copies of Koran, the Tripitaka and The Book of Mormon all are filled with contradictions and replete with additions and deletions when compared to their contemporary versions and do not date back nearly as far in history.  The longer the time from the original manuscript to the present day versions, provides more opportunity for error with subsequent editions, which makes the Bible's consistency empirically impressive.

      The Tripitaka, which is intended to be based on the teachings of Buddha has a wide variety of versions both in terms of content, length and language.  The first attempt to create a document of religious authority for Buddhism, was held three months after the death of Buddha (483 BC) by monks who knew Buddha and had been his student.  They collectively identified the wisdom teachings they recollected, since Buddha didn't write any down.  This resulted in disagreement and different versions of what they all called the Tripitaka.  Some versions consisted of three parts, some two parts.  Despite early efforts to have subsequent versions be acceptable only if they were consistent with the content of the earlier two part version (which doesn't speak to the authenticity of the third part in other versions, though the word Tripitaka literally means three baskets), schools came to accept many new texts, some that contained new doctrines.  While there could be some sources of the Tripitaka that date back earlier than the Bible, there is no single source or point of reference.  It's always been inconsistent.

      Muhammad wrote the original Koran manuscripts.  He died in 632 AD.  The chapters wee collected by his successor, Abu Bakr.  Caliphate Omar, Bakr's successor, later made a single volume of the chapters.  Unknown number of copies were made of both these versions.  Then under Caliph Uthman, all copies of the Koran were ordered to brought in to him and he burned those that were inconsistent with his version.  The Shiites clam that the Caliph Uthman intentionally eliminated many passages from the Koran that related to Ali and the succession of leadership which was to occur after Muhammad's death.

      When it comes to the Bible, we have the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls with hand penned manuscripts dating from earlier than 100BC, to provide objective, verifiable evidence that the Bible we have today is substantively the same as it was thousands of years ago.  

      The Bible of 66 books written by 40 different authors, over a period of 1500 years, on countless topics not only contains no contradictions, it has one consistent theme that runs throughout.   The many predictions of Christ's birth, life and death were indisputably rendered more than a century before they occurred.  The probability of any or all of the bible's very specific detailed prophecies could have been fulfilled through chance, good guessing or deliberate deceit is statistically impossible!

      This is just a cursory, foundational review.  But which of these documents of religious authority intrigue you as a matter of faith you can base your eternal life on?

      God watches over His word to perform it.  Jeremiah 1:12


      Prayer Corner – Partnering in Prayer

      *  Pray for the current administration to have hearts that are sensitive and responsive to God and properly uphold the representative style government intended.

      * Pray for men and women around the world who contend for the peace of Christ in the military and mission fields.

      *  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

      *  Pray for revival of the hearts of Christians everywhere to turn to God and reflect a life of visible obedience and integrity in every way: personally with their family and friends; professionally in their business and work endeavors; socially as stewards and witnesses to the world.

      * Pray for God to use you to help comfort the afflicted around the world.

      * Pray for family members who are caught up in the deception of cults.

      * Pray for Pam's husband who is seriously under employed 

      * Pray for Pam's sister who oversees their mother's care due to proximity.

      * Pray for the protected expansion and much needed income for this ministry and tremendous favor as we move ahead. 

      * Praise God for who He is and for the certainty of His promises.

      * Praise God for His provision, at all times.


      Your Transformed Living Challenge –

      We all have faith in something or someone.  What's essential is that we test our faith and even allow our faith to be tested so we can learn of any faulty thinking or conflicting ideologies we may have adopted.  Jesus said if we have faith the size of a mustard seed we have sufficient to move mountains.  I haven't seen many mountains (obstacles) effectively being moved by many.  I am seriously concerned over the condition of the people's faith, especially those who claim to be Christian. 

      From the Christian perspective, consider that there are two kinds of faith and three expressions of faith.  There is saving faith – faith that believes Jesus is and was the Son of God, the promised Redeemer.  And there's believing faith: faith that trusts God through our trials and challenges for His promised victory, and; faith that is able to move mountains.

      Jesus' reference to the mustard seed speaks that it does not require a lot of faith to do something a huge as move a mountain.  IF the faith is pure, it takes very little to do great things.

      Your Transformed Living Challenge is to deliberately consider the many things you may have added to your faith that are actually in contradiction and weakening your faith and it's effectiveness for yourself and others.  Here are a few considerations to get you started:

      What's your response to the theory of evolution?

      Do all roads lead to heaven?

      Are all religions equal?

      Is the truth relative?

      Is God knowable?

      Is the Christian faith the only way to be rightly related to the One True God?


      Let me hear from you.  Let me know how this edition of Transformed Living has impacted you.  I'd like to know what God is doing in your life.  It will help me develop content for future editions of Transformed Living.  Email me at:  TransformedLiving@yahoogroups.com


      Special Offer: Dealing with Loss?  Help is available…

      Pam has written a helpful EPamphlet on "Suffering Loss."  To obtain a complimentary copy, Email Pam at plchristian@..., write "Suffering Loss" in the subject line and a PDF file attachment will be sent to you.

      Recommended Reading: 

      "Knowing God" by J.I. Packer.  Just visit the Books Department of our web store http://www.pamelachristianministries.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc


      Who would have thought I'd make the cover?  It just goes to show you, anything can happen.  The article I wrote to help save lives by increasing awareness about cardiovascular disease ended up being the feature story and placed me on the cover!  Don't give up on the work God has inspired you to do and watch and see what He does with your faithfulness!  www.blessyourheartcampaign.com



      Radio and television host, speaker, author, ministry director, business owner, lay bible teacher, wife and mother Pam understands the demands and intensity of a woman's life today. She has discovered that the answers to all life's questions are found through faith in Jesus Christ and she is passionate to help others discover this same truth for themselves. Her life's work is devoted to the ministry of the gospel as she speaks and teaches where she is invited.

      Mission Statement:

      It has been confirmed through others who are before me in the faith that my God appointed mission is to be an asset to The Church, speaking, teaching, and ministering, providing insight and wisdom from His Word to encourage, equip, edify and exhort Believers.  My role is to encourage and challenge leadership and laity to "excel still more."

      To book Pam simply visit:  http://www.pamelachristianministries.com


      Let me hear from you!

      Would you like to be a sponsor with this ministry and receive extensive advertising exposure with my growing number of subscribers?  Would you like to contribute a story, testimony or comment?  Would you like to see a particular topic covered?  Please visit my web site at  http://www.pamelachristianministries.com and use the Listener's Feedback page to contact me.  If you prefer direct contact, Email me at:  TransformedLiving@yahoogroups.com


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      The Bottom Line:

      We have in good faith, sought to learn the Statement of Faith and the Mission Statement for each organization listed and believe each to be based on Christian principles and values. We do our best to learn about the various ministries and books.  We recommend them in good-faith and believe that they are organizations/individuals with solid Christian values and ethics.  However, you must research and consider availing of these resources for yourself.  If at any time you learn that a resource we post is questionable, in terms of professional and fair business ethics, Christian values, image or reputation, please contact us.

      This newsletter, Pamela Christian, Pamela Christian Ministries, The Pamela Christian Radio Show, and employees, sponsors or affiliates do not necessarily hold to the views, advice or services from posted resources, or our sponsors.  We take no responsibility for claims or representations made in any ads, books or by ministries mentioned.  Transformed Living is for informational purposes only and in no way should be construed to be counseling advice.  In no event shall Transformed Living, Pamela Christian, Pamela Christian Ministries, The Pamela Christian Radio Show, and employees, sponsors or affiliates assume liability for any damages whatsoever resulting from any action in connection with the use of this information or its publication.

      You are responsible for your own counseling and care.  We pray that the Lord will guide you to the help you need so you can "Turn your tragedies into triumph with Truth."

      Copyright © 2010 Pamela Christian Ministries.  This document may not be reprinted in whole or in part without the express written consent of Pamela Christian Ministries but may be forwarded electronically in its entirety without limitation.

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