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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    Transformed Living TURNING TRAGEDIES INTO TRIUMPH WITH THE TRUTH Volume 3, Issue 4 and 4 August through December 2005 ISSN: 1546-9727 Published by Pamela
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      Transformed Living
      Volume 3, Issue 4 and 4 August through December 2005
      ISSN: 1546-9727

      Published by Pamela Christian
      Pamela Christian Ministries

      In this issue:
      A Personal Note from Pam – MERRY CHRISTMAS!


      Prayer Corner – PRAYERS FOR ME AND THEE

      With You in Mind – WRING OUT THE OLD….BRING IN THE NEW!
      Your Transformed Living Challenge

      A Personal Note from Pam:

      Dear friends and subscribers;

      There's a song I listen to every year on my favorite cassette tape –
      yes, a cassette tape because it was copied from an LP (yes, a vinyl
      record from the 50's) where Frank Sinatra sings, "Whatever happened
      to Christmas? It's gone and left no traces. Whatever happened to
      the faces and the songs we used to sing." It's actually a song
      about loosing the object of his love who used to celebrate Christmas
      with him. But in its literal sense, it's become the mission for the

      What's happened is frightening. A legal assault by the ACLU combined
      with the media that blatantly promotes secularism has succeeded in
      convincing some Americans that the words Merry Christmas are
      inappropriate while celebrating the national holiday of Christmas!
      This of course is nuts and anyone offended by the words Merry
      Christmas has problems not even St. Nicholas could solve. Every
      company in America should be on its knees thanking Jesus for being
      born. Without Christmas, most American businesses would be far less
      profitable. More than enough reason for business to be screaming
      Merry Christmas." (Bill O'Rielly, Fox News)

      Surveys show that 96% of Americans celebrate Christmas. Yet, due to
      political correctness, disinformation and even the threat of
      lawsuits from the ACLU and its allies, religious expression at
      Christmastime is increasingly absent from the public square.
      Slowly, this holy day is being turned into a secular "solstice
      season." The American Defense Fund works year-round to protect our
      religious liberties including the rights to sing Christmas carols in
      public schools, call December school breaks "Christmas Vacation" and
      say "Merry Christmas." Their "Say Merry Christmas Campaign" informs
      Americans that they have the freedom to celebrate Christmas,
      publicly, joyfully and without fear. (Visit

      A groundswell of Americans are fighting back. With a crescendo of
      voices, letters and selective patronage, we're taking the retail
      giants such as Target, Wal-Mart, Lowe's, K-Mart, Sears, Kroger,
      Dell, Office Max, Staples, Kohl's, Home Depot, Costco, JC Penny,
      Best Buy and Walgreen's to task for openly promoting and profiting
      from the Christmas season without acknowledging it as such.
      American Family Association has been one that has headed the effort
      and great gains have been made. Many of these stores have responded
      and are including "Merry Christmas" in their advertising and
      greeting policy. (Visit www.afa.net)

      We must do all we can to assert our religious freedoms for the sake
      of our children and their future. We know that in the final days
      many will fall away from the faith, but let it not be us or because
      of anything we failed to observe or defend.

      One cartoon I saw showed three children sitting outside the school
      principal's door: one admitting she'd said the "S-H" word; the
      second confessing he'd said the "F" word and; the third
      incredulously muttering that he'd said "Christmas." May it never be.

      Our children are the most vulnerable to the ills of society. But
      according to statistics so are men and an increasingly number of
      women when it comes to the sexual temptations available on the
      Internet. Joe Dallas has graciously provided our lead story, with
      words of wisdom for all of us.

      What a blessing it's been to broadcast live Monday through Friday on
      Life Line, heard on Salem Communication's San Francisco Bay Area
      station AM 1100 KFAX. I take calls from listeners who love the
      Lord, yet struggle in a variety of ways trying to live in the world
      without being a part of it. That's what Transformed Living is about!

      As you consider your Transformed Living Challenge from this edition,
      prayerfully seek the Lord to direct you personally.

      I appreciate every one of you and pray that you will live a
      Transformed Life in greater and greater abundance.

      Ministering with love in the name of Jesus,
      Pamela Christian

      Serving Christ through serving you.
      Speaking Ministry: http://www.pamelachristianministries.com
      Radio Ministry: http://www.kfax.com
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      Pamela Christian is a conservative, Christian daily radio talk show
      host of Life Line on KFAX, AM 1100 in San Francisco. She is also a
      writer, author and national retreat and conference speaker and
      publisher of Transformed Living. She and her husband and two
      children live in Yorba Linda, CA. Learn more at www.kfax.com

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      submit to: pamelac@...
      Drawn from Joe Dallas' book "The Game Plan: The Men's 30-Day
      Strategy for Attaining Sexual Integrity" (W Publishing 2005)

      1: GET REAL
      Recognize that sexual temptation is unavoidable in our sex-obsessed
      culture. Erotic
      images on billboards, films, television and a thousand other
      stimulants are bombarding you daily. Being a Christian doesn't
      exempt you from temptation – the godliest of men can fall prey to
      it. So the first step towards maintaining sexual integrity is to
      get real. Admit to yourself that sexual temptation is a problem
      that you have to reckon with. Remember John's warning: "If we say
      we have no sin, we deceive ourselves."
      (I John 1:8)

      2: GET SERIOUS
      You should know by now that sexual sin ravages everyone connected
      with it. What you may not know is that every sexual fantasy you
      entertain, every flirtatious conversation you keep up, or
      every "second look" you indulge in is the seed for AIDS, adultery, a
      broken heart, a shattered life. Get serious – if you're
      entertaining lust, you're dancing on a cliff. Take concrete action
      now while you can. "Lust, when it is conceived, brings forth sin,
      and sin brings forth death." (James 1: 15)

      3: GET READY
      If you really believe an earthquake is coming someday, you prepare
      for it by developing an emergency plan. If you really believe
      sexual temptation is both common and can become lethal, you'll make
      an "emergency plan" for it, too. Decide in advance what to do when
      you're tempted: how to distract yourself, who to call, how to escape
      close calls. Even St. Paul admitted: "Like an athlete I train my
      body to do what it should, not what it wants to do. Otherwise, I
      fear that I myself might be declared unfit." (I Corinthians 9:27)
      Can you really afford to do less?

      Sexual sin thrives in the dark. If you're caught up in any sexual
      vice, one thing is certain: The secrecy surrounding your behavior
      is what strengthens its hold on you. However ashamed you may feel
      about admitting your problem to another person, the reality is
      this: You can't overcome this on your own. If you could, wouldn't
      you have done so by now? Take a hint from James: "Confess your
      faults one to another, and pray for one another, that you might be
      healed." (James 5:16) Find a trusted, mature Christian friend to
      confide in. Make that friend a partner in your recovery, and NEVER
      assume that you've reached a point where you no longer
      need accountability.

      5: GET BRUTAL
      I believe there's an eleventh commandment somewhere that says "Thou
      Shalt Not Kid Thy Self." If you're serious about sexual integrity,
      you'll distance yourself not only from the particular sexual sin
      you're most prone to (fantasizing, pornography, affairs,
      prostitution) but you'll ALSO distance yourself from any person or
      thing that entices you towards that sin. Sometimes, even a
      legitimate activity (certain movies, music or clubs, for example)
      may be OK for other people to indulge in, but not for you. Get
      brutally honest about your lifestyle: anything in it that makes you
      prone to sexual sin has to go. "All things are lawful for me", Paul
      said, "but not all things are edifying. I will not be brought under
      the power of anything." (I Corinthians 6:12)

      6: GET HELP
      Sexual sins are often symptomatic of deeper emotional needs that a
      man is trying to satisfy in all the wrong ways. Repenting of the
      sin itself is necessary first step, but recognizing the conflicts or
      needs that led you into that behavior may be the next step,
      requiring some specialized care from a Christian mentor. Don't
      hesitate to seek Godly counsel if you're trapped in cycles of
      ongoing, out-of-control behavior. The answer you need may be more
      than just "pray and get over it!". King David (who was no stranger
      to sexual sin, by the way) found refuge in Samuel's wise mentoring.
      (I Samuel 19:18) If you're willing to seek professional help for
      taxes, medical care or career counseling, surely you'll be willing
      to do the same to maintain your sexual integrity.

      The problem of sexual temptation isn't going anywhere. It's been
      with us since time immemorial, and no doubt it will plague us until
      Christ comes. So get comfortable with the idea that you'll need to
      manage your sexual desires throughout life, always remembering that
      your sexual integrity is but a part of the general life-long
      sanctification process all Christians go through. "I count myself
      not to have attained perfection", Paul told the Philippians. "I am
      still not all I should be." (Philippians 3: 12-13) So learn to
      love the process of pressing on, not perfection.

      8: GET LOVE
      "I've been looking for love in all the wrong places", an old song
      laments. The sexual sin you're drawn towards may indeed be a cheap
      (though intense) substitute for love. You can repent of the sin,
      but not of the need the sin represents. So get love in your life:
      friendships, family, spouse, fellow believers. A man who truly
      loves, and knows he's truly loved, is far less likely to search for
      what he already has in places he'll never find it. "Why do you spend
      your money on that which is not bread, or your labor on that which
      cannot satisfy?" Isaiah asked. (Isaiah 55:2) Learn to be intimate
      and authentic. It's one of the best ways to protect your heart and
      your integrity.

      9: GET GRACE
      It isn't the sinless man who makes it to the end; rather, it's the
      man who's learned to pick himself up after he stumbles. If you're
      struggle seems relentless, remember this: when you commit yourself
      to sexual integrity, you commit yourself to a direction, not to
      perfection. You may stumble along the way – that's no justification
      for sin, just a realistic view of life in this fallen world. What
      determines the success or failure of an imperfect man is his
      willingness to pick himself up, confess his fault, and continue in
      the direction he committed himself to. Remember Paul's
      approach: "Forgetting those things that are behind, I press on
      towards the mark of the high calling." (Philippians 3: 14)

      10: GET A LIFE
      What's your passion? What's your calling? How clear are your
      goals? And, by the way, do you have any fun? The man who doesn't
      have a life – a passion, a sense of meaning, an ability to play as
      hard as he works – is a man with an emptiness tailor-made for sexual
      sin. Life is about more than keeping yourself sexually pure, as
      important as purity is. It's about knowing who and why you are,
      where your priorities lie, and where you're headed. If you don't
      know that much about yourself, you have some serious thinking to
      do. Commit yourself to developing your life as a good steward of
      your gifts and opportunities, and make that the context in which you
      seek to maintain your sexual integrity. Sexual integrity for its
      own sake is a good thing; sexual integrity for the sake of a higher
      calling is better. So by all means turn from your sin. But as you
      do, turn towards a goal-oriented, passionate, meaningful life. That
      is repentance in its truest, finest sense.

      For Reprints of This Article Contact: Joe Dallas 17632 Irvine
      Blvd. Suite #220 Tustin, CA 92780

      ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joe Dallas has authored five books on sexuality
      from the Christian perspective, and he is speaker who regularly
      addresses churches and conferences across the country. His latest
      book, "The Game Plan", was utilized in this article. He can be
      reached at www.joe dallas.com, or by phone at his Tustin offices at

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      Prayer Corner — PRAYERS FOR ME AND THEE
      * Pray for our Christian leaders
      * Pray for our government officials to discover the fear of the
      Lord and to understand the tremendous responsibility they've been
      given, with accountability to no One less than Almighty God.
      * Pray for revival of the hearts of Americans everywhere to turn to
      God and reflect a life of visible obedience and integrity in every
      way: personally with their family and friends; professionally in
      their business and work endeavors; socially as stewards and
      witnesses to the world.
      * Pray for my family's safety as we travel more between
      our "central and southern California homes"
      * Please pray for expansion of the ministry work that God has given

      WRING OUT THE OLD…BRING IN THE NEW! by Pamela Christian

      Some scriptures are so popular and we've heard them so often that we
      can recite them in our sleep. 2 Corinthians 5:7 is one… I'll start
      you off and I bet you can finish it: "Therefore, if anyone is in
      Christ, he is a new…

      Yea, you know that the verse: "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he
      is a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come!" If you have
      sincerely placed your faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior
      and Lord then you have been transformed from your old sinful nature
      to your new sanctified nature. You are no longer bound by the
      shackles of sin and you have every reason to life a holy life – a
      life set apart for good service unto God.

      So, how are you doing?

      Living in this fallen world, it's not easy is it? Gratefully we
      don't have to rely on our own strength to live our new life in this
      fallen world. We have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. But not
      just our own personal indwelling but the indwelling of the Holy
      Spirit in ever Believer we know. The Bible says, "Plans fail for
      lack of counsel but with many advisors they succeed" (Pr 15:22),
      and "Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each
      other to that you may be healed." Godly counsel that can be gained
      when we sincerely seek God's wisdom from others is essential for our
      growth and success living the Christian life. And more than the
      power of the Holy Spirit we have the written Word of God. 2 Timothy
      3:16 reads, "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for
      teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness."

      We have everything we need to succeed and live in a way consistent
      with our new nature. And the world of unbelievers desperately needs
      to see that Christians are unique, distinct and possess the hope
      they need. We can, and must do better.

      Your challenge with this issue is to "Wring out the old and bring in
      the new." Wring, as in squeeze, twist and press out the old nature
      making room for the Holy Spirit to guide you as you pray and seek
      God's wisdom and counsel; as you share your issues with mature and
      wise believers who can be of help and; pour over scriptures to find
      the answers you need.

      And with that I am confident that you'll have a Happy New Year!

      With Christ's love,
      Pamela Christian
      Serving Christ through serving you.
      Visit the web site at: http://www.pamelachristianministires.com
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      Warm and personable, genuine and compassionate, Pam is able to speak
      to deep personal matters common to all women, in a way that causes
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      Communicating Biblical principles with refreshing insights,
      combining strong Biblical foundations with her own personal
      experiences—many humorous, some tragic, yet all relatable—Pam speaks
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      that she is a much sought after speaker, coast to coast.
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      Word to encourage, equip, edify and exhort Believers. My role is to
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