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Theses from the British Library's EThOS

Greetings, folks! If you would like a little light reading for the seasons of Advent and Christmas here is a list of some of the theses freely available from
    Lewis Jones
    5:36 AM
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    Fellside Recordings

    Just been to interview Paul and Linda Adams of Fellside recordings for feature in local magazine. I thought some TSF members might be interested in the fact
    4:14 AM

    Re: New Lecture Series presented by the VWML

    Gosh, I only just saw this.. definitely up for these. Thanks L ... Gosh, I only just saw this.. definitely up for these. Thanks L On 3 Nov 2015, at 14:36,
    Lisa Knapp
    Nov 22

    Song ident - "Twas of a young farmer"

    Sharp collected this verse from James Harding of Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire. I can't find any other version. Any ideas? 'Twas of a young farmer lived
    Nov 22

    Folklife Traditions and Folklife Quarterly, 47 and 48

    Folklife Traditions 48, Jan 2016, deadline 30 Nov. Our aims include stimulating a wider interest in folk studies and folk culture Contributions welcome -
    Nov 17

    TSF: Meeting in Hull next Saturday, 21 November

     Hello everyone I thought that I would send out a brief reminder of next week's Traditional Song Forum meeting in Hull with some interesting speakers and some
    Nov 14

    Fw: New CD from MT Records

    From: Rod Stradling Sent: Wednesday, November 04, 2015 12:14 PM To: rod@... Subject: New CD from MT Records Harry Upton Why Can't it Always be
      Nov 4
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      New Lecture Series presented by the VWML

      Hello all, I'm very pleased to announce that the VWML is presenting a series of evening talks by guest speakers covering a range of topics on traditional song,
      Nov 3

      Re: New book on Napoleonic song

      Writing from the opposite direction, across the continent rather than pond. According to the link there should be an e-book version, but this has no price-tag
      Andrew Rouse
      Nov 3

      TSF: Meeting in Hull 21 November, updated dayplan

       Up here on the Cotswolds it is a sunnystart to November. Let’s hope the weather holds out until the next Traditional Song Forum meeting in Hullon Saturday
      Nov 1

      New book on Napoleonic song

      New book just out: ‘Napoleon and British Song 1797-1822’ by Oskar Cox Jensen, published by Palgrave Macmillan list price is £63, but if you order direct
      Oct 29

      Re: Greig-Duncan Vol 1

      They obviously printed a lot of copies of volume 1 ... I think I've posted here before about copies being available at a Derbyshire bookshop. Just wish the
      Derek Schofield
      Oct 27

      Greig-Duncan Vol 1

      Hi, Minster Books in York have 4 remaindered copies of Greig-Duncan Vol 1, at £8.99 apiece. Upstairs on the floor in the music section. If you haven't all got
      Steve Gardham
      Oct 27

      Re: Full English: RVW2/1/209

      Dear Andy, Yes. Please allow me to add my thanks to those of Simon. Of course that is what it is. I apologise for dozing. It is clearly a variant of the next
        Lewis Jones
        Oct 22
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        Re: FW: [oral-history-network] Paul Graney- looking for information

        Hi Marilyn, I'm aware of Fiona Cossin's interest in the Paul Graney Archive but I'm not yet in contact with her. Could you get a message to her via the oral
        John Adams
        Oct 21
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