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An ad hominem response

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  • Jim Carroll
    ... To which you are rather unfamiliar. ... If God cannot lie, then He is bound to it. As a matter of fact, logic is an attribute of God s character and not a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2001
      > Logic is a human category,

      To which you are rather unfamiliar.

      > which God is not bound to.

      If God cannot lie, then He is bound to it. As a
      matter of fact, logic is an attribute of God's
      character and not a human construct. God is bound
      by His character; He says as much. But then you
      will soon make God the same as Plotinus' 'good' so
      logic will not apply. I should just watch the
      procession without comment.

      Tell me Don, what is 'logic?' What is the greek
      root for that word again .... Logos or something
      ... think I've heard that before ... can't
      remember where. Anyway, the basis of all logic
      (all thought for that matter) is simply that
      something cannot be both true and false at the
      same time in the same way. I'm sure that the basis
      of all thought is foreign to you but being
      prideful of this fact is rather pathetic.

      > Understanding this
      > requires assent to the transcendence of the
      > essence of God.

      No it doesn't. It requires mystical meditation on
      your naval.

      > But since it
      > doesn't appear in the Strong's Concordance, many
      > simply concieve God
      > according to the natural conceptions God uses as
      > an image to reveal Himself,
      > thereby pulling Him from His transcendence to
      > anthropomorphize Him according
      > to physicality or time.

      In fact, a reformed understanding requires God to
      be transcendent w.r.t. time.

      > Hence, crud like "eternal decrees" which
      > constrain
      > God to act in certain ways in the present or
      > future because of decisions He
      > made in the past.

      No ... apart from time.

      > It's simply easy and simple to take this
      > shortcut, which
      > leaves an abundance of free time to go
      > hang-gliding.

      No. Dealing in ad hominems and personal attacks
      rather than trying to understand are the only
      shortcuts taken lately (as well as a proper
      characterization of quality of your most recent
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